Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bangkok Trip 2013: Day 2

Day 2 started really well with a sweet 12am surprise from the boy. ^^ 

Anyway, our day 2 was less of shopping but more of pigging out. Heh. 

We took a cab and headed over to MBK (Ma Boon Khrong).  MBK is probably Bangkok's most legendary shopping mall, popular with both tourists and locals. The eight floors mall is packed with 2,000 shops that sell everything from clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, leather products and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, cameras, stationery and DVDs.

Mont Nom Sod – The milk and toast Café  

Mont Nom Sod's concept is very much like our version of Ya Kun, a cafe that specialises in toasts and milk. It's definitely a well hidden germ that I found accidentally online when I was doing my 'homework' for the trip.

 You know that a shop is very popular when you have locals queueing for it way before the shop opens and it was entirely filled with customers the moment it started operation. 

Mont Nom Sod offers two types of bread, first is the toasted bread slices topped with a spread like coconut custard, condensed milk, chocolate, taro spread and etc. Whereas the second type is their ultra soft steamed bread with a dip (coconut custard or chocolate).

To be honest I came here because I was attracted to their TARO SPREAD! However, to my disappointment the spread is only available on Monday. T.T Thus, we had the chocolate spread with condensed milk. You must think that the combination of condensed milk and chocolate would be awfully sweet? This was what I thought in the beginning. However, the toasts came to have a very well balanced sweetness level. 

Steamed bread with their coconut custard dip. In fact their coconut custard dip is actually a remix of our Kaya. Comparing their toasts and steamed bread I definitely prefer the latter. Soft and fluffy bread is my weakness for sure~ <3 

We also ordered their ice black coffee, milk tea and earl grey tea. Of these three, you have to try their ice black coffee!! Yes, coming from a non-coffee drinker. 

Mont Nom Sod
MBK Center 2nd floor
Operating hours: 11am - 9pm

Another thing about BKK is definitely their street food! Today's feature would be their grilled banana! I admit not to be a banana fan. In fact I avoid banana like plague. Haha! However, I'm totally a convert after having these grilled bananas. :') Can someone please feed me some now? T.T

Anyways, after doing some light shopping at MBK (I didn't manage to get anything *cries*), we made our way to Siam Paragon for the ever popular After You desserts. 

Nobody comes to BKK without trying After You Dessert Cafe.

Just look at the crowd we have here. We had to take a queue number and waited for like 30 minutes before we were given a tiny table. 

Matcha Shibuya honey toast.

This shibuya honey toast. I urge and strongly recommend you to try please!! I tasted and died in bread heaven. *.* This photo definitely did not do justice to the delightful toast. The interior was so fluffy~ Yes I die for anything soft and fluffy. <3 

There's a reason why this cafe is popular, and the toasts explain all. 

‘After You’ Dessert Café
Siam Paragon basement.  

After our supreme Shibuya honey toasts, the boy and I actually intended to walk and look around Siam Centre. But look what we found!

Mr Jone's Orphanage! 

Boy! I was so excited! This fairytale like cafe was actually a cafe that I wanted to visit! Fate I say. :') #dramamama

I so wish I could transport this entire table to my home. *.*

Strawberry waffles with vanilla ice cream.

Photos are deceiving. A little disappointed with our order as the waffles came to be very ordinary. We should have just ordered their cakes instead. :/ 

Cappuccino, because the boy can't do without his daily dosage of caffeine. 

Mr Jone's Orphanage
Siam Centre Level 2

By the way, cafe hoppers do drop by Siam Paragon and Siam Centre area! You'll be spoiled with choices with the number of interesting cafes and restaurants in this area! ^^

If you were to realise, our entire day was filled with desserts. LOL! Well, that's because the boy pre-warned that dinner is going to be sumptuous and so we went 'light' the entire day. :D


All prepared for the surprise dinner, which I was so excited about even before the trip. This boy refuses to drop any hints to me! 

Guess where did the boy bring me too?

A cruise dinner! <3

The boy booked a romantic dinner cruise with White Orchid River Cruise and they arranged a van to pick us up from our hotel to River City Pier. Upon arrival, the driver then brought us to the check-in counter to collect our boarding tickets and stickers for the cruise.

Our 2 hours night cruise along Bangkok's Chao Phraya river. 

The cruise is divided into two sectors. Upper (opened air) and lower (air-conditioned) deck for guests to select. The upper deck is based on reservation whereas the lower deck is free seating. 

The boy chose the upper deck for a better view of the river life while we feasted on a Thai fusion international dinner with the band on board to entertain us.

Our sumptuous dinner spread, which I counted to be around 30 dishes. The wide selection ranges from Thai-style to international food, appetizers to main dishes and of course desserts like cakes, pastries and fresh fruits.

Just when I thought the night would end with me happily filling my stomach with the yummy buffet spread well enjoying the magnificent night view, the boy secretly has another plan awaiting me. 

I was suddenly dedicated with a love song, from this moment, and a bouquet of roses IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CRUISE. Oh boy. Was I shocked?! :')

Oh, and I bet the entire cruise thought I was being proposed to. We even have strangers coming in to take photos of us and to congrats us!! LOL! 

Thank you dear for planning the surprise and taking the pain to communicate with the other end! <3
Words can't describe how blessed I am to have met you. :') 

Anyhow, the dinner cruise is definitely a memorable one, especially to enjoy it with your special ones. Other than filling your stomach with the yummy buffet spread, you get to enjoy the beautiful night view of BKK and also viewing historical structures like Wat Phra Kaew (The Grand Palace) and Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) while cruising along the Chap Phraya River. 

A rough guide of the dinner programmes:
Check in at White Orchid River Cruise Counter ( River City Shopping Complex ) Si Phraya
Departure from River City Pier. Welcome drink to be served while cruising along Chaophraya River pass Rama I Bridge, Temple of Dawn(Wat Arun), The Royal Grand Palace(Wat Pra Kaew), Rama VIII Bridge and return.
Enjoy the thai classical dance, And buffet dinner will be served with variety of delight Thai/Western cuisines and enjoyed with our entertainer.
Enjoy the live music, disco on the cruise, Special show "CABARET SHOW on CRUISE" and Relaxing on open-air deck 360
Arrive at River City Pier and transfer back to your hotel.
Yups, so these sums up a very eventful day 2 in BKK, stay tune for day 3 or click here for day 1 if you have missed! ^^



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