Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bangkok Trip 2013: Day 1

BKK is definitely one of the most popular getaway for Singaporeans. Cheap food and most importantly cheap and trendy fashion in one city. How can anyone not love this land of smiles? So, I'll be sharing my BKK itinerary for those who have asked on my instagram (@lirongs). Here's day 1 which you'll be expecting to find:
1. Suvarnabhumi Airport's Link 
2. Centre Point Pratunam Hotel
3. Sab sab wanton mee
4. Platinum Mall 
5. Data card

Our flight was a 7.05am one, thus 2 sleepy yet excited souls were up early at the airport at 5am. :D

Our last Singaporean style breakfast before BKK. 

On rare occasion the boy takes a nice candid shot of me. :P

We flew on Jetstar and I was so glad that there wasn't any delay (bad experience from budget airlines). The only complain was probably when I requested for a blanket and they actually wanted to charge me freaking $17 for it. :/ 

BKK here we come~ 

I believe everyone should be very familiar with how bad the traffic conditions can be like in BKK. So in order to save all the unwanted waste of time in the jam, the best solution is to take Suvarnabhumi Airport's Link

For 40 baht per, the train brings you from Suvarnabhumi to Ratchaprarop BTS station (Pratunam area where the popular shopping malls like platinum mall are located) in just 30 minutes! It's definitely a lifesaver as compared to cabbing during their peak hours. 

Centre Point Pratunam Hotel, our stay for the 4 days in BKK. 

They say BKK is probably the only place where you can get 4 stars hotels and above at really affordable prices. This, I can't agree more. 

After settling ourselves, it time to hunt for food.

One of the must-eat-item on my list is definitely the famous Sab sab wanton mee. The shop was still so filled with customers despite it being after lunch, and easily half of them were tourists. We were so pleased that the interior is fully air-conditioned too! BKK's weather during Dec is KILLER. 

Ever famous wanton mee x Braised pork rice. 

The wanton mee comes in soup or dry version, we had the latter only.  

On one look, the noodles was really plain and dry. It doesn't looks anywhere near appealing I would say. However, one mouthful and we were sold. I would say secret lies in the extra flavourful fried lard. 

Close up to the springy noodles. <3 

Compared to the wanton mee, I would say this braised pork is way UNDER-RATED. Super love the combination of this simple, humble plate. Every bites of the meat swears to melt in your mouth. :') I'm not a rice person, but Thai's grains definitely have their magic. So fragrance! 

Pratunam Wonton Noodles (Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles)
Address: Soi Phetchaburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily from 9.00am to 4.00pm

Direction: From BTS station (Chitlom or Siam), walk to Central World. From Central World, exit Isetan. Head towards Platinum Fashion Mall. Use the overhead bridge located at level 2 of the mall to reach the other side of the main road. Look for the blue street sign bearing Soi Phetchaburi 19 and turn to walk down the street. You should see it on your right after walking for 1 to 2 mins. 

As you can see from the photo, the photos, the portion served is really small. Well, not complaining though. Since we have such a long food list to try! :P

After a good lunch, the next mission on hand is of course SHOPPING. Our first destination is Platinum Mall. Frequent BKK travellers should be very familiar with this wholesale shopping mall. However, the place is not just known for shopping, there are also a huge variety of FOOD. 


Another popular snack that you got to try when you're in BKK. 

Unlike the usual waffles, this tasted more like bread to me. Really soft and fluffy. There's a huge variation for you to choose, from original to nuts to different types of fillings. Throughout my 4 days of stay in BKK I had their yam, coconut custard and red bean. Can't wait to come back for more!!! :D 

Siting back and resting our legs after much shopping. 

Why isn't life like this every day? T.T 

Platinum Mall, basement and food court

Before we knew it, our stomachs were growling again! It was like slightly passed 6pm BKK time so we made our way up to their food court in the mall. To our surprise, most of the vendors were closed or closing. Thai definitely have early dinners. 

What we had since we didn't have much choices to begin with. 

Fish ball noodles soup in tom yum broth. 

Braised pork rice. 

 Vegetable dumplings.

These were the true germs! We had to order another plate because the dumplings were too yummy!!!

When there's good food, there will be happy faces. :D 

Loots of the day. Can't believe the boy actually bought more than me!! Hahaha! 

Finally, being the technological-slaves, we definitely can't live without data plans. Also, we need to stay connected with our family or friends back home. :D Thus, I would recommend 'Happy Instant SIM' to everyone. This card can be purchased from the Airport upon arrival. It's really affordable too! For 200 baht you get to enjoy unlimited data for 7 days!:) 

Anyways, just when I thought day 1 was going to end. The boy actually 'plotted' a little surprise for me. <3 

The cut the story short, the sweet Mr actually arranged a room service surprise for me at 12am for our 2nd anniversary. :') Was really touched because I didn't expect this at all!! No wonder he was super duper weird whenever we are at the hotel. Heh. <3 

Alright, this is the end of Day 1 for everyone. Stay tune to Day 2 which will be much more exciting I promise!



  1. Hi, Can I check with you what is the room type u booked from this hotel? Thanks

  2. WOA, 2 you're cute, I liked the food there, they look very good

  3. Hi, I'll be travelling to stay at the same hotel as you - Centre Point Pratunam and would like to take the airport link. Can I know which station to stop at and how to walk to the hotel. Thanks for help.

    1. Hi, you can take the airport city line and alight at 'Ratchaprarop' takes about 30min ride. From there you can cab to the hotel. It's pretty near. :)

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  5. Looks like full-flavored foods! I will be putting Thailand on my bucket list!

  6. Looks like full-flavored foods! I will be putting Thailand on my bucket list!

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    Thanks for your blog!

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