Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's about me

Hi everybody! It's a food non-related kinda post. While not entirely because you'll still see a lot of food posts. :P

Oh yes, and this is me if you don't already know.  I recently had an advanced birthday celebration with my family, which the birthday girl baked her own cake. Lol.

Anyway, that's not the point. 

So I feel that it maybe it's time for me to re-introduce myself, especially to those who have just started reading my blog. *waves* I welcome you onboard! ^^ 

Also, I'm honoured to be approached by the lovely people from The Belly & Co., who has launched their online website ON MY BIRTHDAY! WHICH IS TODAY. *cue birthday song* Haha! I'm sorry for my dramatization. Just have to. :P #becausei'mthebosstoday. So I was saying, it was a lovely coincident! And definitely a great honour of mine that they will be featuring me on their launch. :') 

The Belly & Co. aims to deliver beautiful homewares to the public, especially fellow food lovers who are passionate about what they put in their mouths! 

In addition to selling homewares, The Belly & Co. also serves as a platform to bring people who love food together. There will be a section specially dedicated for food lovers like you! So do look out for their space, The Belly & Co. and their instagram, @thebellyandco as well! :)

And here comes the about me. 

I started cooking for real during my university days. My parents were both working adults and basically there wasn't any home to do the cooking and WE ARE REALLY PICKY EATERS. We don't fancy outside food, they are just not suitable for our tastebuds. So to meet our basic needs, I started touching the woks and what not.  

It all started simple, when I simply throw in whatever I have in the fridge and tadah, we have noodles soup! I know my food wasn't fantastic in the beginning but my family were surely encouraging, and this really motivates me to become a better cook for them! 

So I started asking my mum for her advice and watching her cook during the weekend. Slowly I picked up along the way and soon I find myself cooking reasonably well. 

I started venturing into different cuisines too, Korean, Western and some signature local delights and so on. 

No doubt it was tiring, especially to juggle between the hectic University life, personal life and cooking. My friend offer jokes that 'it's 5pm, Lirong has to be home to cook!'/ 'Lirong the housewife' Haha! Nonetheless, I really enjoyed that kind of life despite stretching myself so much. 

To me, nothing beats coming home to a table of homemade food, so I really enjoy doing that for my family. :) 

I started off cooking way earlier than baking. Baking only came into my life 2 years ago. It was something I really wanted to do but I just lacked the time. 

I have to say it wasn't an easy start as my cakes were all failures to begin with. Like literally created just for the bin. LOL! 

It was really demoralising I admit. So I thought, since I can't bake a cake, why not I bake bread? Of course the gullible me has no idea how freaking tedious bread-making is. 

To my surprise, my first bread making was EDIBLE. Yes, my faith and hope came back! So I started drilling on my bread-making skills. 

Until I thought, ok, if i can bake bread, how hard can cakes be?

Of course I failed along the way and what not. Because I'm just uncomfortable with the amount of sugar and butter/oil used in the batter. So I tend to modify and come out with my own healthier version. For sure some works and some don't. 

I became more comfortable with baking and went on to modify and re-create a lot of recipes, mainly to healthify them so that my family can enjoy them without me adding burdens to their waistline. ^^ 

Also thanks to Instagram, it brought out the passion for food photography and food styling in me. Or just me being OCD. Nonetheless, I started paying attention to details and really fall in love with pretty homewares too!

While typical girls may love to enter fashion stores in the mall, my favourite place is always anyway with homewares and food! I especially love IKEA! :D 

I recently visited ToTT too, and boy! That was heaven to me!! <3 

At home, I literally have a kitchen cabinets filled entirely with my homewares! Unfortunately my mum do not approve of me expanding my collection. T.T 

I especially love vintage and antique style. They can never fail to catch my eyes. <3 

Well, I hope I have given a good re-introduction of myself and hopefully none of you have fallen asleep along the way. :P 

Now that life is definitely much more busy than before, I'm away from the kitchen most of the time. But this does not deter me from doing what I have always loved. 

Such as sacrificing my beauty sleep time to bake a cake for myself. :P This is a mango mousse cake by the way. Will be sharing more about my birthday celebration on a separate post. 

Till then~

And of course, congrats to Shanna once again for the launch of The Belly & Co.! <3



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  2. Wow, your photos look amazing. Keep baking and cooking! (: