Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Media Invite: Da Paolo Catering

In conjunction to Da Paolo's 25th anniversary, the established Italian group has unveiled a new catering arm - Da Paolo Catering. 

 “Over the last two decades, Da Paolo Group has grown steadily to encompass more concepts. Catering is a natural extension of the business. We possess the capability and experience to deliver excellent food and service to customers who are looking for quality, consistency and safety synonymous with the Da Paolo brand.” - Mr Guillaume Pichoir, CEO of Da Paolo Group

I was honoured to be invited to the food tasting together with some other bloggers. We sure had a great time together! 

The beautiful set up of the appetizer corner. So classy and elegant isn't it?

Da Paolo Catering has options suitable for each and every bespoke occasion and budget – from canapés, buffet and high tea menus which showcase Da Paolo favourites, to tantalising new creations and customised menus by Group Executive Chef Andrea Scarpa and his team.  

The catering is available for a minimum of 30 guests and orders should be placed at least four working days in advance! :)

The dessert table that is going all the way out to tempt you! 

Yes, I started my meal with sweets. :D

Some of my favourites from the too-many-to mention-dessert-table include:

Classical Nutella Cake. 

Best. That all I could say. :') 

Cookies & Milk Cheesecake. 

Mini Meringues.

REALLY REALLY GOOD. Almost everyone gave a thumbs up to this! <3  

Crunchy Hazelnut Cake.

Moving on to the appetizers. 

I wish I could have this every morning! T.T


The cured salmon with pasta sheet on calamansi was definitely the hot fave of the day. To be honest, I love all of them as equally! Perhaps I'm just too much of a glutton. :P The good thing is that the servings are really bite-size so you really can just pop a few into your mouth without feeling that you have over-ate or too full for the other dishes to come. 

Mesclun salad, with turkey, honey mayonnaise, home-picked zucchini, dried apricots & raisins.  

Top to bottom: Spinach ricotta tortellini, sliced fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and potato salad

My pick goes to spinach ricotta tortellini! It was really flavourful, with accompaniments of Italian tuna, black 
olives, onions, tomatoes and zucchini. I literally have to stop myself from having too many servings of this in 
case my stomach ran out of space before the main dishes. 

Alright, so here comes the main! 

Salmon fillet wrapped in flaky pastry. 

Grilled chicken medallions with grilled capsicum, garlic  & extra virgin olive oil. 

Couscous with sweet potatoes, raisins, red capsicum and rocket leaves || Wild black rice with roasted chicken slices, pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato. 

Black pepper ribeye roast served with Veal Jus. 

Definitely a to-die-for for all you carnivores! 

Of course, there need to have Italian's pride - Pasta. 

Pomodoro Basilico - Penne with plum tomato sauce & fresh basil. 

Beef Lasagna - Layers of homemade egg pasta, plum tomato sauce, bechamel, parmesan & home-minced prime lean beef. 

Vegetable Lasagna - Layers of homemade egg pasta, plum tomato sauce, bechamel, parmesan, spinach, zucchini, button & shitake mushrooms, onions, capsicum & baby asparagus. 

Personally, I much prefer this vegetarian version to the beef one. It's more flavourful to me! :D

Meet the man behind the scene, Group Executive Chef Andrea Scarpa. 

The roasted potato in parmesan cream was so so so good! T.T


           Telephone: +65 6479 6522
 Website: www.dapaolo.com.sg
 Types of Menus: Canapés
                               High Tea
      Lunch and Dinner Buffet
 Price: From S$28 per person for a choice of 6 canapés (Prices exclude catering charges / delivery charges)
 Minimum pax to cater: 30 with at least four working days of advance order
 Management : Da Paolo Group
 Certification: HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Do check out Da Paolo's website for the entire catering menu and offerings! :)

More visual on their beautiful location at Rochester Park. 

Strawberry purée with ginger beer while we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive.

 A really refreshing one for the hot weather evening then. 

How nice would it be to just sit here and chill with a group of friend ya? 



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