Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: Mama Panda's Kitchen

Another super late post of the boy and I at River Safari. Probably sometime last Christmas.

Of course, the main reason for River Safari is JIA JIA and KAI KAI. I'm sure you think so too. 

Located at the Giant Panda Forest, Mama Panda Kitchen is ready to panda-rific everyone with their all-panda concept kitchen. This is definitely a dining spot not to be missed by all panda lovers!

I'm sure everyone knows this because the restaurant was so packed with human traffic! Lucky us we managed to get a seat after a little wait. 

No surprise that Mama Panda kitchen is a Chinese restaurant based on panda-themed dishes. 

Be expected to pay a little more too, while maybe a lot more. Can't blame as it's a tourist attraction after all and the food is too cute for a miss!! 

Cute panda pau and my super adorable cup of cappuccino. 

Would you bear to even take a sip?

Or even bite into it?

The truth is, I did. 


The panda pau came in 2 different flavors, either red bean or chocolate. However, we can't really tell the 2 apart. Basically the 2 pau were really substandard. So was the drink. Well, at least they were cute right? And definitely Instagram-friendly. LOL. 

KAI KAI you are meeting over here, whereas JIA JIA is more on the shy side. 

Lol. The tall boy being too tall. We are sorry Mr Panda. :P


Giant Panda Forest

80 Mandai Lake Road

Singapore 729826 
Operating hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm daily


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