Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reciep: 3 ingredients Soufflé Japanese Cheesecake

I chanced upon this recipe over here and was really amazed by the fact that it used only 3 ingredients to create this soufflé cheesecake that was so light and airy. 

125g Cream cheese, room temperature

     120g White chocolate (Meiji brand)

     3 Cold Eggs, 70g each

1. Line a 7 inch cake pan at the bottom and grease the sides with butter, set aside.
2. Separate the eggs. Place egg whites in the fridge which makes the meringue more stable.
3. Preheat oven to 170 degrees C.
4. Break white chocolate into pieces in a large bowl and melt in a double boiler over hot water. Mix chocolate to smooth. Then add cream cheese into it and stir till smooth with a hand whisk.
5. Remove the bowl from double boiler. Add egg yolks, mix well and set aside.
6. Whisk egg whites with an electric mixer until firm peaks form. If it's thick enough, you can turn the bowl upside down without it sliding out.
7. Add 1/3 meringue into the cream cheese batter and blend well with a rubber spatula. Then add the rest of the meringue and mix well.
8. Drop the pan lightly on the counter top to release the air bubbles out of the batter.
9. Steam bake the cake for 15 minutes then lower the temperature to 160 degrees C for 15 minutes. Turn off the oven temperature and leave the cake inside the oven for another 15 minutes. 
10. Leave the cake to cool completely before removing from the cake pan.
11. Chill the cake before consuming (about 2-3 hours). Decorate as desire.

Now you may ask, what's the different between this recipe and my previous attempt on Japanese Cheesecake?

My take is this version is definitely much lighter since it is 'flourless'. If you prefer a strong cream cheese taste in your cake maybe this will suits you more. 

 Really I can't decide which one I prefer more because both were just as good. I let the boy be the judge and he couldn't decide as well. Maybe you can try and let me know which do you prefer? 



  1. I try this recipe before. Every simple and easy. The only imperfect is the cake shrink pretty much when cooling.

    1. Yes I agree, it shrinks because of the lack of flour.

  2. Everything you make always looks so good! You are my inspiration :D