Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Media invite: Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨

Nested within one of the oldest condominium in Singapore, Laguna Park, at Marine Parade, Diamond Kitchen is set to offer some of the most down-to-earth comforting Chinese classics at affordable zi-char prices. 

The brightly-lit roomy interior, decked with quintessential round tables, sets the mood for a convivial experience. 

Working closely with Chef de Cuisine Kelvin Lau, who has more than 25 years of experience under his belt, Diamond Kitchen made their way through umpteenth rounds of internal food tastings to present a comprehensive menu, which we had the pleasure to taste. 

Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon ($12/$18/$24)

This delicate rice noodles is cooked in thick superior stock and the generous helpings of fresh clams has helped to enhance the sweetness of the soup. 

Seriously, everyone who has been to Diamond Kitchen, couldn't stop talking about this simple yet so delicious bee hoon soup! 

Guess what do we have here?

Sauna Prawns ($24/$36/$48)

An impressive alternative to the popular drunken prawns, live tiger prawns were first presented atop a layer of hot stones in a bamboo basket. Next, herbal stock is poured over the prawns before the lid is replaced to allow the prawns to steam for several minutes in the 'sauna bath'. 

This ingenious method results in tender prawns with flavourful herbal fragrance and taste. 

Champagne pork ribs ($12/$18/$24)

Chucks of pork ribs with the bones skilfully sliced away for the convenient of all diners. The meat was marinated overnight with chef's special sauce to fully impart the flavours and tenderise the meat. A must try definitely! 

Pumpkin beancurd ($12/$24/$36)

One of the item that caught my attention, because it says pumpkin. 

For those who loves thick and rice sauces, this glorious, sweet pumpkin purée paired with their soft and silky beancurd would definitely win you over. 

Prepared fresh daily, their chef actually makes his own beancurd! Impressed for sure. 

Salted egg sotong ($12/$18/$24)

Silver of fresh squid light dusted with flour before being fried and tossed in a piquant salted egg yolk mix. Salted egg yolk lovers, this is to die for. 

Golden Cereal Chicken ($12/$18/$24)

Another remix of the popular cereal prawns. I like this version better because I'm more of a poultry lover than seafood. Anyhow, the cereal was so addictive that I think I might just had cleared half the plate before the rest had a chance to taste it. Oops. :P 

Gan Xiang Fried Rice ($8/$12/$16)

For those yearning something a little more robust, the gan xiang fried rice offers a burst of flavour that will have you coming back for more! 

This fragrance rice is cooked to perfection with their homemade gan xiang sauce and egg before being topped with deep-fried chicken pieces. 

Crab in Gan Xiang ($55/kg)

Definitely the highlights of the night. Fresh Sri Lankan crabs prepared with their special Gan Xiang sauce. In cause you are wondering what is Gan Xiang sauce, it is prepared by dry-frying spicy dried shrimps, curry powder, lemongrass, dried chilli, fermented soy bean paste and other secret ingredients. Don't the ingredient themselves already sounded so flavourful?

Big fat claw EACH for EVERYONE. :') 

Anyway, it's really a good change from the usual black pepper crabs, especially if you love your crabs all spicy and flavourful! 

Yam paste, Orh nee ($12/$24)

To round off the night, we had this really good orh nee served with diced pumpkin and ginko nuts before soaking it in generous amount of coconut milk. I was also being told that pork lard was used to enhance the flavour, though I didn't really taste any. 

A bowl is never enough for me. <3 

Besides, the 9 dishes that we tasted for the night, Diamond Kitchen offers a wide range of zi-char menu! I was really surprised by how comprehensive the menu was. Definitely a gem in the East. 

Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨
5000F Marine Parade Road, 
#01-22/23 Laguna Park (condominium), 
Singapore 449289, 
Tel: +65 6448 0629
Opening Hours: 11am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 11:00pm


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