Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's my birthday (part 2)

Guess who went to Singapore Universal Studio on her birthday? :D 

Despite being Singaporean, this is... my virgin visit to USS (USS Halloween is not counted). *hide face in shame* Wells, somehow every plans to visit the place kinda screwed up in the end. But I like to see  it as a blessing in disguise. ^^

I get to visit the place where I deem as the happiest place on Earth, on my birthday, with my favourite boy. <3 

It was actually supposed to be a surprise for  me, but somehow... I'll always manage to guess it correctly. Heh. :P 

How I wish I could stay here forever!!!

Welcome to my castle. lol! #stillindreamland #pleasebearwiththekidinme


I don't know about you, but I visit theme parks not for the roller-coaster or heart-racing rides. In fact, I'm never a fan of them. I'm more incline towards just you know, enjoy the happy things that I see in the park, fan girl-ing with the characters that I could only imagine from my squarish screen. 

How lucky was I that minions were out, specially this Marc holiday! The queue to snap photos with them was like damn long. Ya, not surprised anyway.

Sorry, obsessive girlfriend here. :P 

Hey you.


Eh, I swear this boy here is so much vain-er than me! 

Our 'light'tea-break at Malaysian Food Street - KL style carrot cake. 

Unlike the  Singapore version, this carrot cake was in bigger chucks and less eggy. It's actually not bad because I love how flavourful the carrot cake was. More egg would be better though.

The usual kaya toast, soft boiled egg and coffee. Not very fantastic, really.

But still must pose for a selfie. :P 

Dinner was at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor @ New York Street

Well, a thing about theme parks is that their food are always ridiculously expensive (like this one) and.. they don't taste good at all. :/

The food was almost unpalatable I would say, judging that with the price paid, we could have dined in any much better quality restaurants. The ice cream from Nestle was probably the best item. Mehs. 

Alright, and so I finally fulfilled my duty as a Singaporean by paying USS a visit. Thank you dear for planning everything so nicely for me despite all the crazy assignments!!! <3 Certainly one of my best birthday ever. 


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