Sunday, May 18, 2014



Wells, I know Mother's Day is over. But everyday is Mother's Day and we do not thank our mother for their selfless love on Mother's Day only right? ^^

HouseofHung is currently hosting a contest through this month of May (just 14 days to go!), just for you and your mother! :)

No gift to our mother can ever equal her gift of life to us. For the whole month of May, House of Hung is featuring The Perfect Trinket of Love, a glittering white gold diamond necklace, and exclusive gift cards. Presented to the most heartwarming mother and daughter entries.

How To Join:
1. Take a precious photo of you and your mom, your children or something related to your mom.
2. Upload it via: Website - 
Whatsapp - +65 81000190 
3. Share it on your Facebook to get more votes!


 Appreciate the most important lady in your life today!


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