Friday, May 16, 2014

Ad: PAVO Hair Studio

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Phyllis from PAVO Hair Studio to do my hair with them. 

Located at 1 Nassim Road, PAVO is the latin word for peacock, invoking a sense of finesse, glory and luxury unsurpassed! 

I find the people here really friendly! Especially the auntie here. She would always check on me to see if I need any drinks. ^^ 

Because of the nature of my job, I couldn't do drastic hair colour (otherwise I would love some pink highlight! T.T), so Phyllis decided to give me a darker shade of brown.  

That's Phyllis busy at work with Andrew's help. ^^

Anyway, Phyllis used to be at Kimrobinson and Next before she joined PAVO, and that's why I trusted my hair in her hands! 

Colouring-in-progress. Meanwhile here's the boy who accompanied me for a while. A while because he left me to meet his friend for lunch. :|

After washing and hair treatment. 

Excited to see my new hair colour? 


Tadah~ Not very obvious? Well, the lighting wasn't very ideal to show the true shade of my hair. 

Anyhow, I love how Phyllis cut my hair! It's so much neater now! And my friends comment that I look more demure now with it. Hehe.. :D 

Love the way Phyllis massages my head while she helped me with hair wash. Shiok literally! By the way, at PAVO they offer head massage too by a separate team. I like how PAVO's team is so organised that everyone is specialised in a specific role to give to best service to their customers. 

After colouring, Phyllis decided to give me some highlights too, to make my hair more stand out. Oh, and just checkout how soft my hair is after the treatment! <3 

Highlighting... and basically they is how I entertained myself through the session. #selfiealldaylong

And we are done! I can have pretty hair now. ^^

Love the curl that Phyllis did for me, making me so lady-like! Haha! 

Thank you Phyllis and her wonderful team for doing magic on my hair! ^^ 

Remember to look for her when you're at PAVO to get 20% off haircut service from her or 15% off any other services! :) 

ps: Free carpark just next to PAVO hair studio too! Double the awesomeness for drivers. (Y)

1 Nassim Road, #01-06

Singapore 258458

Tel: 6733 9909

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8.00pm (Mon-Sat)


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