Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ad: Toast Box Rice Dumplings

Hellooo everybody~ 

Do you know what the Annual Dragon Boat Festival or 端午节, is just TOMORROW!!! Bet you didn't know right? Just eat dumplings only, without knowing when is the festive. Oops, I'm saying myself. :P 

Anyway, no worries, you have about another 24 hours to get some for you and your family! 

In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, Toast Box is glad to present to you their limited edition 'bamboo' package with eight mini dumplings (assorted flavours). 

Yes, Toast Box is definitely more than your coffee and toasts! ^^

I mean like, we really love our rice dumplings!! But but.. who gets stomach upset or bloatedness when you indulge in too much of these yummy food? At least I do.. Sigh.. :(

But now, with these awesome mini dumplings, I can indulge in my favourite 粽子 without feeling overly stuffed! Yay!!! :D 

Plain Mini Kee Chang (served with Toast Box Hainanese Kaya) 

I love Kee Chang!! It's tasteless on its own, but when dip in brown sugar it's so heavenly!! This is my first time having Kee Chang with Kaya, and boy.. I'M SO LOVING THE COMBINATION! <3 Why haven't I tried this earlier? T.T 

Mini Salted Dumpling (Glutinous rice with pork, fragrant shallot & spices)

The traditional rice dumpling in a much smaller version, but just as tasty! Somehow I feel more satisfied eating a mini dumpling rather than a big rice dumpling by itself. I guess it's the feeling of not being overpowered by the greasiness as well as stickiness of the glutinous rice. ^^

Mini Nonya Dumplings (Glutinous rice with pork, winter melon, fragrant shallot & spices)

I rarely have Nonya Dumplings, usually the normal salted rice dumplings. So I'm not at the best position to give a good review of this. But on first try, I actually prefer the Nonya Dumpling to the usual Salted Dumpling! Is this the reason why my friends always tell me that Nonya Dumpling is nicer? I don't know, maybe you can try out and let me know which do you prefer? 

Each of these rice dumplings can be purchased at $2.50 or eight pieces at $18.80 (without packaging) or $21.80 (with packaging). For the eight pieces, you can also pick from any of the above mentioned three flavours! While stock last yo~ 

All rice dumplings are available for dine in or takeaway from 23rd May to 2 June 2014. Yups, that's like TOMORROW! Time is tickling away~ Haha! 

Do visit the nearest Toast Box for some less sinful Mini Rice Dumplings! ^^ 

Oh yes, before I forget. 



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