Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Dolce Tokyo

We have a Japanese-French fusion restaurant Miam Mian, and now we have a Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant, Dolce Tokyo. 

‘Dolce’ means ‘sweet’ in Italian, and true to its name, Dolce Tokyo serves a variety of Japanese desserts! 

Before I even had my mains, I'm already eyeing on my desserts! :D

All of us chose the Japanese section from the mains instead of the Italian, which is mainly all-day-breakfast styles. 

Omu Curry Rice with Grilled Garlic Shrimp, $19.

A humble serving of Omu Curry Rice provides much comfort exemplified in its smooth stewed curry. One order of this comes along with side dishes of potato salad, baby octopus, jellyfish and a choice of skewer (pork belly/shrimp).

This Japanese curry is more of a subtle and sweeter one, so do not expect any heavily spiced version.

Teriyaki pork belly. 

Fares much better than the grilled garlic shrimp skewer. It was tenderly braised and grilled to a smoky aroma. Worth the calories? Definitely so. 

Shrimp Toji Set, $19.

The set is made up of fried rice, miso soup and choice of 3 sides and a skewer too. A very value for money set indeed. 

It was my first thing seeing Toji on the menu and so I have to give it a try. Like what's that? Haha. Well, I would say it's a sizzling plate of shrimps, mushroom, cherry tomatoes and wolfberries in a egg broth. I have actually thought it's a hotpot! Haha! Be sure to eat this while it's still hot as the broth dries up really quick and you'll be left with pan-fried eggs!  

Grilled garlic shrimp, a little too dry for my liking. 

Smoked Salmon Fried Rice Set, $21.

Prawn Fried Rice, $19.

Likewise, to the salmon fried rice, my friends didn't quite like these as the rice was too dry and lacked aroma. 

Overall, we were a little disappointed with the mains. We saw people ordering from the Italian menu and they looked much more tempting than ours! The grass is always greener on the other side ya? Haha!

Brownie & Flambeed Banana, $13.90. 

Much needed dessert to fill our disappointed stomachs. Glad that the desserts were much better!

Matcha Black Sesame Cake, $11.50. 

I was looking forward to this for the longest time! I have to admit that I ordered it because it was IG-worthy. :P

Had a hard time deciding between this or the red velvet cake. But I guess the latter is so common everywhere, I shall have something less common. The cake is a chiffon one so it's soft and fluffy, however the black sesame taste wasn't very distinct. 

Chocolate Sundae, $9.

Just because I wanted some ice cream. :D Seems like I'm the one doing all the ordering? Kinda, because everyone were like so full for the mains and I was probably the only one excited about having desserts. LOL! 

313 Somerset,  #03-23 
Singapore 238895 
Tel: +65 6836 5612
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm


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