Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Coast and Company

One of the newest cafe in the East, Coast and Company is a Papa Palheta x Coast Cycles establishment. 

Really cool concept ya? 

It was not a place that I would visit without a car, however, the place was surprisingly packed on a weekday late afternoon. Don't these people need to work? 

While you indulge in a cup of coffee, might as well pamper your bike with a good servicing. At Coast and Company, all types of bikes are welcome! ^^

The interior design is really simple and bright. Not the usual hippy-cafe style that is raising almost everywhere. 

Iced Latte ($7) x Iced Mocha ($7) x Iced Chocolate ($6).

We had a long walk under the Sun before finally locating the place. Thus, all we wanted was ICE! Heh. 

As mentioned, Coast and Company is affiliated with Papa Pahelta, so the coffee surely did not disappoint. We love the Iced Latte and Iced Mocha (latter more for me!). However, the Iced Chocolate tasted very much like an overly priced chocolate milk. :/ 

Rather limited food choices. 

Green Tea Chestnut Bundt, $6. 

The kind waitress helped us to heat up our cake slightly with the microwave, while we waited for the rest of our food items to arrive. I was expecting to be welcomed by a strong flavour of green tea when the cake is warmed. However, pity that I wasn't. In fact, I couldn't really taste the green tea. :/

The cake was a little too dry also. I wonder if it was the effect of the warming in the microwave? 

Almond Peanut Butter Toast, $7.

It was a disappointment to me. Basically, just toast topped with peanut butter and some almond flakes. $7? Hmm.. 

Sour Cream Cheese Toast, $8. 

Though the menu says 'sour cream cheese', we felt that it tasted more like greek yogurt. $8? Hmm.. I guess, food is seriously overpriced here. 

Coast Breakfast, $12. 

Pork sausage x white toast x chives scrambled eggs x salad.

Finding scrambled eggs on the menu always excites me. However, it was a disappointing one for me. I prefer my scrambled eggs to be creamy and runny. This was almost an egg omelette to me. :/ I was rather upset that the toast served was a horribly drying one. To make things worse, the bread used was just regular white bread that you can easily get off the supermarket shelf. Well, at least they got the pork sausage right, juicy and rightfully spiced. 

Overall, we agreed coffee was good but food was mediocre. 

Another plus point to the cafe if I may add. 

A perfect place for #OOTD shot! Heh. 

Wells, though we didn't particularly enjoy the food, we love the quiet environment here! A really good place to chill at if you're around the corner and is looking for some coffee fix! :)

Any guess where I'm bringing everyone next in the East? :D

54 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456176

Contact: 6448 7608

Operating hours: Tue-Thurs 0900 to 1900

                      Fri-Sun 0900 to 2200


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