Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: Trick Eye Museum @ Resort World Sentosa

If you're still unaware, the famous Korea Trick Eye Museum has landed on our shore! 

'Trick Eye' refers to an art technique that turns 2D paintings into 3D images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life! Of course, these has to be done through camera tricks too, via different angles. 

As the museum is currently running a promotion, from now till 22nd June (tml!), the admission fee is only 50% of the original ($25/adult). Thus, this explains the crowd. :/

I love the concept of this! However, the human traffic makes it almost impossible to capture one that doesn't have anyone photo-bombing you. :|

The famous Starry Starry Night painting~ 

I thought most of our poses were quite.. boring? Haha.. didn't get a chance to really think of how to pose because you literally have to just snap and go because everyone is like staring at you and waiting for their turn. It's really awkward I would say. 

Was quite surprised that my giraffe boy managed to squeezed himself into the frame. ^^

The one on the left really looks like the boy was sitting on a beach chair? He was actually on the floor! Haha. The magic of angle and also one of the very few ones which we managed to have the opportunity to grab a good angle. :/ 

Only unpopular ones like these will we get 'undisturbed' pictures. LOL. 

One of the most famous exhibit! So cute! :D

Probably the only time when I'm taller than the boy. LOL! Would be better if we had the time to adjust the angle though. 

This one is cute too! 

Had a relatively good angle for this. Haha. Can you guess how this photo was taken? :D 

One of the more interesting exhibit! 

This is not bad too! Btw, be prepared that all interesting exhibits will have a large human traffic crowding around. You got to have some patient to wait ya? 

I love this too!

No sweat pose. LOL. 

This is so adore too!! Although, nothing interesting about it. Haha! 

Another famous exhibits. Would love to experiment more posing on it if not for the people who were staring waiting. 

No sweat pose again. Haha! 

Another favourite exhibit of mine. Can't stop singing to myself 'I believe I can fly~ I believe I can touch the sky~' when I see this. HAHAHA! #nolink

No one took photo with this, except kids. lol. 


Now, some of the exhibits which I think are really challenging to capture. 

I thought they are really beautiful if well captured! The left one I think is the most angle specific exhibit. It's really weird if you didn't get the right angle. While on the right, it really requires some deep thoughts and planning before posing. 

This was hard too. At least to me. Requires some imagination I guess. 

I would love this if there weren't so many people in the background. :(

Anyway, I would love to share with everyone all the exhibits but that's just way too many. About 80 exhibits if I'm not wrong. It takes about 2 hours to complete the entire museum because of the huge amount of human traffic inside. :/ 

Anyway, most of us who have gone to the museum agree that the spaces between the different exhibits are too narrow. Such that it's really different to capture good photos with great angles. Note that angles are extremely important for this game. :/ To make things worse, humans, especially self-centered ones, would just make the entire experience even worse. 

Wells, I guess that's the price you have to pay for a cheaper entrance fee ya? 

Anyway, I heard that there's another Alive Museum at Suntec City? Probably will be checking it out, when the crowd has died. Haha! #learnedmylesson. 


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