Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Craftsmen Speciality Coffee

After a satisfying lunch at Carvers & Co., we hopped over to another new cafe in the East, Craftsmen Speciality Coffee, a retail/cafe arm of Dutch Colony Coffee Co. 

Upon entering the cafe, I knew I'm in love. 

Not especially crowded since it was after 3pm on a Weekday. The cafe has a very strong hipster vibe, with the interior design focusing on the theme of Industrial. It kinda reminds me of Jimmy Monkey Bar & Cafe, except it's not as 'dark'. 

Though they have 'Food' on their menu, the items were not available when we reached. 

Thus, it was pie, cakes and coffee. 

One Banana Republic x Red Velvet Cake.

There were like 5 choices of cakes on their menu, if only I could have a slice each. ALL OF THEM LOOK SO DELICIOUSLY GOOD! 

Red Velvet Cake, $8.90. 

We were really SHOCKED when the cake was placed on our table. It was so HUGE!

Did this photo kinda show off a bit of the majesty of the cake? The banana republic in contrast became so small sitting beside it. LOL. 

Unfortunately though a huge piece, the taste didn't come out to be as impressive. I feel that a good red velvet cake should be rich and moist. But the cake itself was so dense and tasted artificial to me. :/ 

One Republic Banana, $8.90. 

Banana sponge cakes sandwiched with layers of chocolate buttercream and peanut butter, finished with a layer of chocolate ganache. Price is definitely steep for the cakes here. 

Compared to the Red Velvet Cake, this was much satisfying attempt. 

Black Pepper Chicken Pie with salad, $11.90.

There is a choice of white or black pepper, but all of us agreed on the latter. Are you like us too, black pepper fan as well? :D 

Really surprised to find half an egg hidden within! In fact, the filling is similar of your typical curry puff. We find the pastry a bit too thick though. 

Anyway, for the coffee we had Ice Latte ($5.50), Cafe Mocha ($5), Flat White ($4.50) and Soy Latte ($6). 

Heard so much that they brew really good coffee and surely, we were not disappointed. 

Just got to post another of the cafe because I'm so loving the ambience! 

Do drop by for some lovely coffee and enjoy the lovely ambience designed by the good people of Craftsmen Speciality Coffee! ^^

2 First Street, Siglap V, #01-01 Singapore 458278
Tel : 9182 9421
Operating hours: 8 am to 8 pm daily. 



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