Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Merely ice cream

If you ask me where is my favourite place for ice cream. No doubt, I'll say Merely. No place even comes close. 

Located in the Sunshine Plaza, just across the street from Fortune Centre, there is nothing ‘merely’ about this small, but really cute ice cream place. 

At Merely, you can be assure that no artificial flavouring and colouring is use to make your ice cream. Every creation of theirs is made with natural flavours and ingredients, which they proudly disclose their to their customers. Wells, when you're genuinely awesome, there is really nothing to hide ya? 

Salted butterscotch ice cream and Peppermint mocha ice cream on homemade waffles, $8.40. 

I'm definitely not an expert of ice cream, but on the first taste, I could literally taste how good and FRESH the ice cream were. Seriously, you need to taste it to know it! 

While the waffles may not be the best that I've tried, it did not disappoint either. It was crispy on the outside, yet light and fluffy on the inside. 

Can someone explain to me why the combination of ice cream and waffles is so PERFECT? <3 

Because the ice cream here does not have any added stabiliser or what not, you might find your ice cream melting a little faster than usual. But that didn't really happen to us, despite me taking a good time taking some photos. :D 

Single Scoop – S$3.30
Double Scoop – S$5.60
Triple Scoop – S$7.90
Include Cone/Bowl (Freshly Made) – +S$0.50

I say the price is really reasonable given the great amount of effort made to handicraft all the ice cream. 

My best partner in crime~ 

Anyway, Merely Ice Cream offers a different selection of ice cream daily, so do check out their Facebook page to find out the available ice cream options of the day! :)

#01-13 Sunshine Plaza 
91 Bencoolen Street 
Singapore 189652
Operating hours: Mon - Sat 12pm - 11pm. (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: +65 6238 0890



  1. hey i just wanted to say that you might want to consider making the watermarks on your pictures less obvious, it's quite an eyesore. nobody wants to steal your ugly as pictures anyway. haha.

    1. Oh hey! Why the sourness here? Haha! Thanks for the very kind suggestion from you. Anyway, I believe in karma, so god bless you. :)

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