Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: To-gather Cafe

Recently there is like a cafe boom in the East, and I have recently went for a cafe hop around the area. Thus, I'll be doing a series of reviews for these new cafes. 

To-gather Cafe, not exactly a very new one. It has been around for almost a year. However, since it's in the East, no harm covering it together with the other new ones. 


the name suggest, together cafe. Did you get my bad joke? :P 

Sorry, bad pun. Heh. 

I was there around 4-ish on a weekday, so the cafe was really quiet. A good place to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and have some me time. 

Exactly what the boy was doing. Not quite true, of course he wasn't alone. :p

Flavoured Latte (roasteo haze), $4.40 x Breezer passionfruit, $3.80. 

Decided to have something light, since we will be heading for a food tasting next. I had the breezer because the weather outside was insanely HOT. Thus, I finished my drink in no time. LOL! While, the boy took his time to slowly savour his drink. 

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, $5.90. 

Prior to visiting a cafe, I'll usually google upon the recommended food of the cafe. So I found this lava cake to be 'highly-recommended'. Ok, I'll try. 

Did not flow. :(

Quite upset about it and lava cake is suppose to be serve warm, this wasn't as well. :/ 

Ok, must still be happy as the lava cake chocolate cake now, is actually not bad. If I could get over the fact that it was supposed to be a lava cake. 

Food was mediocre, but I find the staff here really friendly! I feel that aside food, the people is also a really important factor that would attract customers to revisit. As we know, cafe in Singapore really has a very high turnover rate. 

  • 84 Bedok North St 4 
  • #01-27
  • Tel: 6445 1011
  • Operating hours: Mon-Thurs - 1100 to 2200
  •                    Fri-Sat - 1100 to 2300
  •               Sun - 1100 to 2200


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