Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: d' Good Cafe

A beautiful cafe located in Holland Village, d'Good Cafe is 95-seater cafe, offering three different concepts of dining options. 

Located at the third level, their rooftop alfresco dining area is definitely an ideal place especially in the late evening I feel.

 Imagine dining as the Sun set? Too bad, the place was packed when I was there. Tough luck. 

Walking into the cafe on the third floor, you could see groups of students studying or doing work in it. I would have thought I walked into a library by accident! LOL! Anyway, it was way too quiet up there, so the boy and I made our way to the second floor instead. 

The much more 'lively' second floor dining area. It was really packed. :/ 

However, we managed to get the seat at the swing after a short wait! ^^ 

To be honest, this swing was the reason why I wanted the boy to bring me here. :P 

Cafe latte, $3. 

Known for their super cute latte art! :D Had to get one despite me not being a coffee drinker. :P

. I wonder if it's a practice here or they were just pure busy? Because waiter/waitress was non-existent over here. 

First, we weren't even entertained at the door when we reached the cafe. That explains why the boy and I were literally exploring the cafe at first to get a seat for ourselves. Like aren't we suppose to be ushered at the door?  

Second, we weren't handed with any menu also after settling down. Really, we felt very alienlised in the cafe, like nobody is entertaining us~ So the boy had to get the menu from the counter and take up the job of the waiter instead.

Not sure whether it is a common practice here. Maybe that explains why there is no service charge?  

Prawn Arrabbiata, $15.

I was quite upset with the presentation of the dish. It looks like the pasta was cooked in a hurry! Poor plating and the linguine was kinda over-cooked. :/ 

English Breakfast, $16.50.

For the price, this breakfast plate is definitely worth a try. A much better attempt than the pasta. 

With the 'famous' Teddy! :D 

I really love the ambience of the cafe, however food was quite a disappointment. :/ But I guess, it's really the atmosphere of the cafe that makes it stand out in this competitive market. I would recommend d'Good Cafe if you're around the area and is looking for a good place to study or do your work! :)  

273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 
Singapore 278992
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm
                          Friday & Saturday: 10am to 11pm
Tel: 6219 9807


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