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Ad: BreadTalk's 14th anniversary -14 iconic 'Breaking News Bites' from 14 years of bread

Do you know that BreadTalk is 14 years old? I was like 'wow, I have no idea how much time has flies.' #feelingold. 

Anyway, back to the point.  This month, BreadTalk is celebrating its 14th anniversary milestone with an exclusive line-up of 14 iconic 'Breaking News Bites'! (6 featured here only though)
As part of BreadTalk’s 14th anniversary celebrations, the bakery is going to take you on a trip down the memory lane with a selection of 14 “conversation starters” inspired by significant breaking news, current affairs and historic events! 

2014: Breadzil Product, Dillopillo ($1.60/ 狄罗枕) 

A spicy sambal chicken bun revealed in the World Cup fever. The newest collection of all! 

2014: I.H.Q. (International Happy Quotient) 开心指数 $1.80

In celebration of BreadTalk’s Danish pastry-inspired IHQ building, the culinary team conjured a sweet flaky pastry filled with delicious custard cream, candied orange peel and chocolate chips.

2013: Kitty in White/Kitty in Black 吉蒂巧克力圈 $1.40

BreadTalk unveiled these two irresistible Hello Kitty donuts as part of an entire collection. How adorable isn't it? We do have a thing for Hello Kitty don't we? ^^

2013: Laksa Bowl 叻沙一碗 $1.70: BreadTalk marked Singapore Day 2013 held in Sydney with this tasty Laksa Bowl that boasts an exhilarating blend of spicy laksa paste, rich coconut milk, fragrant ginger flower and chicken cubes.

2012: Wasabi Seaweed Floss 芥末紫菜松松 $1.80: BreadTalk rejoiced in its 12th anniversary in 2012 with a special edition of its signature Floss bun – the Wasabi Floss, crowned with piquant wasabi egg cream, wasabi seaweed and sesame floss.

2012: Hello Kai! 凯熊 $1.70: To welcome Kai Kai and Jia Jia to the Singapore Zoo, BreadTalk conceived an endearing panda-shaped sweet bun with chocolate milk filling.

2011: Tan Tart 总统椰疯狂 $1.40

A salute to the President elected in 2011, BreadTalk ushered in the Tan Tart, a luscious Portuguese egg tart with flaky crust and a wobbly custard.

2011: Apple of My i 为 i 而生 $1.60: As a tribute to Apple Inc.’s co-founder, BreadTalk designed a green apple-inspired sweet bun with a tantalising filling of soft red apples and cream cheese custard with a touch of cinnamon.

2010: Fatt Choy Wong 发财旺 $1.50: A nod to the opening of BreadTalk at Resorts World Singapore, these chocolate brioche buns are filled with custard cream and marked with well wishes of fortune 财 and prosperity 旺.

2008: Phoenix 火凤凰 $1.60

Honouring China’s rocket launch, this flavoursome roll offers chicken and mushroom topped with mayonnaise and a sprinkling of paprika and parsley. My personal favourite of the 6 that I've tasted. 

2004: Handoughver 接杰棒 $1.80: To mark the change of leadership in Singapore, BreadTalk came up with a cheekily-named Handoughver; a scrumptious tomato loaf laced with sweet-spicy chilli paste, streaky bacon and Cheddar cheese.

2003: Bull Run 牛转乾坤 $1.60: BreadTalk Group Limited’s Initial Public Offer (IPO) was a significant milestone that year, and Bull Run, a rendition of the Floss bun with a pair of bull’s horn, represented the brand’s upbeat outlook for the future.

2001: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon 卧虎藏宝 $1.60

A playful nod to Lee Ang’s award-winning movie, this soft French-style rustic breakfast roll reveals lashings of savoury bacon and cheddar cheese beneath its golden crust.

2000: Ah Bian 阿扁 $1.60: BreadTalk created this flat sweet bun filled with smooth yam paste and topped with a sprinkling of black and white sesame seeds in commemoration of the newly-elected Taiwanese President that year.

Also, to reward its loyal customers, BreadTalk is offering these weekly store promotions for the month of July!

From 1 to 7 July:
- Enjoy two different 14th Anniversary special edition breads at only $2 each day! 
- Enjoy any Whole Cakes* at $29.80 (U.P. $36.80 - 45.80) or any two Sliced Cakes at 
just $8.80! (*Salted Caramel, Bananarama, Cheesecake Originale, Oreo 
Cheesecake, Chantilly, Black Forest)

From 9 to 14 July:
- Buy 10 buns at just $10, or 5 buns at $7!
- Get 20% off Whole Cakes*, or any two Sliced Cakes at $8.80!

From 16 to 20 July:
- Enjoy 20% off with minimum purchase of $8 storewide

From 29 to 31 July:
- Indulge in the special 6-in-a-box Flosss/Fire/Wasabi Flosss buns at only $7

Finally, throughout the month of July, to thank the customers, as well as to give back to the society;
BreadTalk is donating 10 cents for every Flosss, Fire Flosss and Wasabi Flosss bun sold for 10 days from 14 - 23 July at its stores worldwide to the Community Chest in Singapore!

**These limited-edition products are available only in July at all BreadTalk outlets in Singapore.


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