Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review: One Ocean Seafood 天翼海鲜 @ Toa Payoh

My second post as a guest contributor *clap clap*. 

Eh, if you don't know. Mr Tan is back on popular demand for another post! Ok. I kid. 

 And so…. brought the princess and my family for a belated Father's day celebration. Since my parents prefer Chinese food, Tze Char came to my mind immediately. After much intensive research and cross referencing with the princess, I finally decided on this Tze Char stall located at a "Ulu" place in a coffeeshop at Toa Payoh Industrial park. By the way, it is said to be one of the Best Tze Char in Singapore

Pretty surprised that there were already a few tables being occupied when we walked in when it was just 6pm then. Never thought that an 'ulu' place like this would be located by so many people. Anyway, nice interior with traditional Chinese settings. Ideal for family gatherings eh?

Waiting for the food in great anticipation. Hopefully it will not let my princess down. :P

Hotplate Tofu. 

Our favourite dish, the hotplate tofu! Was quite surprised that the portion of the small size (as recommended by the waitress) was just right for the 5 of us. The mushrooms were very flavourable as they totally soaked up the goodness of the sauce! Not forgetting the main highlight, the soft and silky tofu!

Sambal Kang Kong. 

Yum yum! Very crunchy, But it would have been better with the option of making it spicier (which the princess definitely agrees). Heh heh!

Salted Egg Prawns.

The Salted Egg Prawns is a dish worth trying as compared to the normal cereal prawns you find in other Tze Char stalls. However, we couldn't really taste the salted eggs. The good thing was the prawns were very fresh and juicy! Would have been better if they were coated with more cereal and salted egg. 

Seafood Yam Ring. 

My dad's favourite dish! The yam ring also consisted of mushroom, celery, cuttlefish and prawns. We love the presentation of this dish. 

So if you are looking for Tze Char with a twist in the menu and a better ambience, you may want to check out One Ocean Seafood restaurant! 

Sorry I couldn't remember the exact price of each dish, but rest assure the price is comparable to the ones in the normal coffeeshop, yet you get to enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable dining experience! :D I thought it has a similar concept to Diamond Kitchen that we went before. 

One Ocean Seafood Restaurant
1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #01-1407
 Singapore 319074
Opening Hours: 11am-2:30pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Daily)

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