Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Media Invite: Harry's @ Marina Bay Link Mall

Harry's is not a new name to Singaporean. From a humble beginning, with just one spot at Boat Quay, Harry’s has since grown and expanded to now operating 20 premium lifestyle bars.

Harry's Premium Lager.

Harry’s at Marina Bay Link Mall has just reopened with a brand new look and a refreshed food menu by Chef Daniel Sia (of The Disgruntled Chef) has also been launched in line with the stalwart brand’s re-branding exercise. Since we are at Harry's, we definitely can't miss their fine selections of drinks! I'm not a beer person, because I find it too bitter for me? But Harry's Premium Lager was nothing like the usual ones. The taste was not overpowering at all! I wouldn't mind having another one! :D

Singapore Sling. 

I requested for a drink that is more suitable for ladies as well and Harry's version of Singapore Sling was recommended to me. It's indeed a drink more suitable for ladies or anyone who doesn't fancy strong alcoholic taste.The Singapore Slang is more of sweet and refreshing! 

I love the colour of it as well. :D

The newly renovated bar now gives a more contemporary feel. 

Play attention to the lights. What do you see?

How about the lamps here?  

You're right if you see trumpet and cymbals! I thought it was a really fun idea! 

Love Me Tandoor, $18 for 6 pieces. 

Divine chicken skewers marinated with a feisty tandoori blend and grilled for a complementing smokiness. Served with red onions, mint yoghurt and coriander for a flavourful feast.

I thought that skewer, as simple as it may appear, it is not easy to make a perfect one. I always have a problem of skewers being served too dry or tough. However, I have no problem with these! The meat was so moist and tender! Couldn't resist a few more sticks of these. :P 

Harry's Wingmen, $8 for 4 pieces or $11 for 6 pieces.

Using Harry's secret marinade, these wings were deliciously addictive. Really crispy skin with tender, juicy meat. The perfect sidekick to Harry’s Premium Lager!

Slow roast pilled pork sandwiches, $8.

Three mini sandwiches of slow-cooked pulled pork with pickled vegetables and a tangy BBQ sauce.

I love the sweet and tenderness of the pull pork! It was a great combination to pair with the pickled vegetable. It could have been better if the bread wasn't so drying. 

Mushroom and truffle oil flat bread, $20.

With mushroom, cheese and truffle oil all in one, need me to say more? <3 The flat bread was a great alternative to the usual pizza crust. The crispy base doesn't fill you as much as the normal pizza crust, yet it is not as thin as a thin-crust pizza. Just perfect for a substantial bite. 

Seriously, I could have the entire thing to myself. :D 
If you're a fan of truffle oil, this you need to try!:)

Prawn Star Pasta, $19.

Al dente spaghettini tossed in aromatic crustaceans-infused oil with plump, juicy tiger prawns and topped with Japanese seaweed.

Pasta was a little drying for my liking, but I like the flavours of Japanese seaweed tossed in it, something really special and it works. 

Curried Lamb Shank, $29.

A hearty NZ lamb shank marinated in aromatic curry spices and braised till fork-tender.
Served with rice pilaf and raisins.

I actually don't take lamb at all, for that smell. :/ However, for the sake of the tasting I did. To my surprise, I was able to take the smell of the lamb! In fact I went for a second and third helping. Heh. :D Extremely tender meat is the selling point of this dish. Note that this dish is super big! Better for sharing. :) 

Black Forest Sundae, $16.

A classic pairing of ice cream topped with freshly baked brownie bits– but with a dark cherry twist. 

I didn't know Harry's serve desserts till this tasting. Thus, I didn't put my expectations too high. But oh boy, this was beyond expectation! Awesome chocolate ice cream paired with moist and warn brownies, this totally worth all the calories. So glad that my companies were too full for the dinner, all the desserts come to MaMa! :D 

Apple & Pear Crumble, $15.

A warm Apple & Pear Crumble served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Seriously I couldn't decide which dessert do I need more. 

A cosy and comforting end to our meal.^^

Marina Bay Link Mall,

#01-03 Ground Plaza, Singapore 018984
Phone: 6634 6318 / 19

Operating Hours: 
Monday to Wednesday: 1130hrs to 2300hrs

Thursday, Friday & Eve of Public Holiday: 1130hrs to 0100hrs
Saturday, Sunday & non-weekend Public Holiday: Closed


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