Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Paradiso Restaurant & Bar @ Quayside Isle

[Guest post by him] 
If you like to dine by the river, sea or looking for a romantic place to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend to, check out the Quayside Isle! 

And so the girl brought me here for a mini birthday celebration! 

The view before the sunsets, love the clam water and the clear blue sky. 
The view was simply therapeutic. It takes your soul and mind off the busy city.

So sweet of her to reserve the place first for this prime spot! <3

Oh gawd, why do I look so shag here. *Face palm*

Looking pretty and excited for the occasion, or rather the food. :P

It is also an ideal place for a stroll or run before dinner! Would be an ideal spot to catch the sunset too!

Grilled Sirloin Steak, $24.

She specially chose this place not just because it has a perfect view, also because it has the best of both worlds ( Steak & Salmon) for my selection. <3

Going for a medium rare!

An authentic homemade chimichurri sauce on grilled sirloin steak with roasted potatoes and peppers at the side. 

Baked Codfish, $26. 

Top with fresh wild mushroom cream sauce and served with seasoned potato wedges and garnished with cherry tomatoes. 

Compared to the Sirloin Steak, the girl and I preferred this. The codfish was baked to our liking as the meat was really moist and we love the creamy mushroom sauce! 

Look at the fish! :D Wish the lighting could be better for her to take photos though. But it's definitely more romantic this way. 

And the night set in and we both enjoyed the place very much. Thank you princess for taking the time to check out every restaurant here to make sure there will be food that I like!

31 Ocean Way #01-03
Quayside Isle S(098375)
Operating Hours:
Monday - 5pm to 11pm
Last order for Food at 9:30pm
Tuesday to Thursday - 11am to 11pm

Last order for food at 9:30pm

Friday - 11am to 1am

Last order for Food at 9:30pm

Saturday - 11am to 1am
Last order for Food at 9:30pm
Sunday - 11am to 11pm
Last order for Food at 9:30pm
Contact: 6694 5428

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