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Media invite: ToTT '365 Days of Fun'

This October, Tools of Trade (ToTT) celebrates its 4th Anniversary with a brand new cookbook - 365 Days of Fun, the return of the 'ToTT Taste Challenge', a fun in-store activity 'So you ToTT you can Guess?' and up to 50% discounts storewide! 

Definitely a fun filled October upcoming at ToTT! 

'365 Days of Fun' Cookbook. 

The contributing chefs of the cookbook include:
1. Audra Morrice, Finalist for Masterchef Australia 2012
2. Andrew Walsh, executive chef of Esquina
3. Benjamin Siwek, executive pastry chef of db Bistro Moderne
4. Bernice Ong, founder of Salted Caramel 
5. Felix Chong, chef de cuisine at Truffle Gourment 
6. Bjorn Shen, founder and chef of Artichoke Cafe & Bar
7. Ian Hioe, Senior Sous Chef of Swissotel Merchant Court
8. Shen Tan, executive chef of Ujong @ Raffles 

This brand new cookbook features 24 fun-filled dishes created for themed parties such as 'Movie Nights', 'Ice Cream Social', 'Pets Picnic' and many more! I'm already super excited judging from the themes and as I flipped through the new cookbook. 

Not only is the cookbook filled with pages of mouth-watering images and recommended kitchen tools to ease preparation, I got to say the recipes written were really simple, even for beginners! 

Besides the launching of the new cookbook, we were also introduced some of the exciting new kitchen tools and products. One of the more interesting one is this Garnier-Thiebaut table linens. It is treated with a special stain-resistant coating to render it immune to coffee, wine and oils stains!  

Evidence to show. You could easily wipe off the spill without staining the linens! Imported from France, Garnier-Thiebaut linen comes in over 10 designs and is customisable in size! This is available exclusively at ToTT only! Priced from $44.90! :) 

Check out the beautiful Italian glassware on the table! It is imported from Industria Vetraria Valdarnese (IVV), which has been hand-crafting premium glassware since 1952. This quality masterpiece definitely added extra touches to the table setting! 

Do you see lighted candles on the table? Well, not quite right. These are Luminara candles, which feature a patented, flame effect technology. In fact they are actually battery operated with built in timers! Not only do Luminara candles provide the ambience of a lit candle without any mess and are children and pet safe, I'm already thinking of it as a perfect prank item on friends! :P 

There are more than just these 3 new items on the shelf of ToTT. Do check out their website for more! ^^

Let's go on to talk more about the new cookbook -'365 Days of Fun'. I really love the name of it by the way. :D 

For the night, we have Chef Ian Hioe, who brings his European training to a 'Father-Son Indoor Camp' theme, in the cookbook. 

He demonstrated to us how to recreate his Beef burger with blue potatoes, served with truffle mayo. 

Long story cut short, I didn't know it was so simple to make a burger at home! Definitely going to recreate it at home using the recipe in the cookbook! :D 


Beautifully cooked and plated by Chef Ian. 

A single serving looks like this. 

The intersection of the burger. I could say this is one of the best beef burger I've tasted! So flavourful on each bite! Not forgetting the blue potato chips and truffle mayo. The perfect combination that got all of us reaching out for more! 

The thing about burger is that it tend to be drying if not done well, but look at Chef Ian's recipe. The burger was still so moist and juicy! 

Next up, Chef Shen Tan was also invited for the cooking demonstration. 

She demonstrated to us how to cook our favourite chinese dish, Kong Bak (chinese braised pork belly), using a Sousvide Supreme as featured here. 

The award winning Sousvide Supreme is the World's first water oven designed to make the sous vide cooking technique easy and affordable!

Sous vide cooking locks in juices and flavours, and preserves the nutritional quality of the food! All you need to do is to pop the pork belly in the machine for 10 hours at 77 degree Celsius and when the time is up, a soft and tender braised kong bak awaits you! Good for busy days for sure! :) 

Chef Shen Tan suggests that you slice up the pork belly and give it a quick fry on the cooking pan. Pan-frying gives an extra fragrance to the kong bak! 

Also helps to melt away some fats from the kong bak too! Note that no oil is needed for the pan-frying! :) 

Tadah~ and we are good to give with some rice and Chef Shen Tan's belachan chilli (which she refused to disclose the recipe). 

Close up to the 'pot of melting gold'. So good!! 

By the way, Chef Shen Tan's recipe is under the 'Out-of-Towners' theme, in the cookbook. :) You'll be seeing a lot of local cuisine under her theme!

From Chef Ian's western Beef Burger to Chef Shen Tan's eastern Kong Bak, which is your favourite now? Either way, you can be assure a wide range of recipes in one cookbook! 

Pricing at $12.90 only, the book is available at ToTT store or you can get it online from their website as well! 

Also, in conjunction with  the launch of the cookbook demonstration classes are being organised!  Tickets are priced at $58 each and half of the proceeds will go to Children's Aid Society and Help Family Services.

1. A Hearty Meal for Father-son Indoor CampDate: 16 October 2014Time: 7pm tp 9pm
For more details and bookings, click here

2. Welcoming the Out-of-Towners with Chef Shen Tan
Date: 18 October 2014Time: 10am to 12pm
For more details and bookings, click here

For more information please visit ToTT's website and remember to check out the other fun activities that are coming your way! ^^


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