Friday, October 3, 2014

Media invite: Saboten @ 313

This is my second visit to Saboten after my first experience with it @IMM (read here). 

Saboten @ 313 is the newest outlet of the world's largest tonkatsu chain (it has relocated from a Parco. 

Spacious dining area to accommodate the diners in the heart of town. 

While the interior design is very much familiar to that @IMM, the menu of both outlets are totally different. 

Over at 313, Saboten focuses on what she does best, tonkatsu, 

Iberico Loin Katsu, $28. 

To celebrate the opening of this outlet, Saboten has introduced it's first and only Iberian Peninsula, acorn-fed black Iberian pigs. 

You may wonder what is the different between the normal loin katsu and Iberico loin katus? 

I personally tasted both and I find that Iberico loin katsu is much more moist and tender as compared to normal loin katsu. You can usually see the difference from the cut of meat. Iberico pig's meat is nicely marbled with just the right amount of fat! 

Fried Jumbo Prawn Tsuki Set, $28.50. 

Fried jumbo prawn, half loin katsu and crab cream croquette. This set is suitable for one who like to have variation in their meal. I especially love the creamy crab cream croquette! 

These two items used to be available till 31Aug 2014 only. 
Due to the overwhelming response, the two have became permanent on the menu! Yay! 

Hotate Katsu, $12 for 2.

Now this is the one that I available for a limited time only! Big fat and juicy scallops deep fried to crisp! The boy and I love this very much! 

Available till end of October only! 

Other than the food being tasty, it is so value for money as well! 

For each set menu purchased, you'll get:
1.  a light and fluffy Japanese imported rice
2. miso soup
3. Saboten's most raved about shredded cabbage
4. silky smooth chawanmushi
5. pickles
6. refreshing Yuzu sorbet. 

If this isn't attractive enough, diners get free refills of Japanese rice, miso soup and shredded cabbage! 

I highly recommend you to try Saboten's shredded cabbage! It's so refreshingly good! Not just the cabbage is being served chilled, the bowl itself is chilled before serving! The crunchiness attests to its freshness. :) 

I think we refilled about 4 times that night? :P

At the side you'll find yourself 2 tall bottles. Black: Yuzu dressing. Beige: Goma dressing. 

These are for your shredded cabbage! We love the goma dressing especially. I'll be all good with the cabbage and a bottle of goma dressing. ^^

Also, you'll find yourself a tonkatsu sauce. 

This is Saboten's pride and joy! The sauce has over 10 different types of spices, fruits and vegetables - all simmered to extract the flavours. 

You can then pour the tonkatsu sauce into a finely grind sesame to brighten up the flavour of the sauce! Dip your tonkatsu into the sauce! It is going to be so flavourable! 

If you're a fan of Japanese curry, it is now available at Saboten with an additional charge of $3. 

Given the huge variety of items in their menu and the steal of money of each set meal, I would recommend Saboten for a nice dinner in town without having to burn a big hole in the pocket. :) 

313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Opening hours: 1130-2200
Tel: 6333 3432


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