Sunday, November 2, 2014

Best Bakery in Singapore

If there is one thing that I can never get sick of, that has to be bread. 

I especially love the smell of freshly baked loaves! That's ecstasy for me and even better when the bread is soft and fluffy. :') 

Do you feel that you could relate to my love for bread? :D 

If so, this post is for you! 

I'm going to share with everyone some of my favourite places to go for my BREADDDDD. 

 Note that 'best bakery' is purely based on my personal opinion. You have every right not to agree with me. :) 

Credit: Duke Bakery

The bakery prides itself in the creation of exquisite handcrafted breads using only the finest quality ingredients from Europe! The bakery opened just last year and since then expanded around the island. 

The selling point of the bakery is definitely their soft and fluffy bread! Probably the softest bread I have had thus far. :') Of course it is an additional bonus that every bread at Duke Bakery comes with free sampling. I frequent Duke Bakery quite often now since they have opened quite a number of outlets across the island! Check out my dayre/lirongs and you will be able to see how much I love Duke Bakery! <3 

My must-buy whenever I'm here is their YAM BREAD! Yam lovers do check this out. ^^ 

Some other breads that I love would be their 'golden potato', 'dark forest', 'okinawa brown sugar', 'carlbel', 'ghost'..

Ok. Looks like I'm going to list down everything on their menu. Haha! But that's the true! I love almost every items! 

Their bread schedule for your reference. ^^

I do notice that the best timing to be there is after 1pm and before 5pm. 

Credit: Cedele

If you've been following me long enough, you would love my love for Cedele's curry pumpkin soup and their free flow of bread. You can read my various reviews of cedele here

Just give me a bowl of their famed curry pumpkin soup and the entire shelf of bread, and I'm good.

I especially love their cinnamon bread which I would always finish the entire loaf in one setting with the soup. :P 

Besides the bread, do give their cakes a try too. Cedele's carrot cake is one of the best you can find around! 

Mama is a Japanese Bakery which is well known for their 'healthy bread', such as low/no sugar, no eggs or milk. 

But what attracted me most about Mama is their super generous filling! I guess if you're a Mama fan you would understand what I'm talking about. Their breads are always so HEAVY! Yes, that is the word. 

If you love thick and generous filling, here is the place to go! Oh, they do have a range of matcha flavoured bread with red bean! How I wish Mama is located nearer to me!  

Tiong Bahru Bakery 

Credit: Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru Bakery is no stranger to us, Singaporean. I bet you're a fan of it too! Especially them yummy Kouign Amann and flaky Croissants! But that's not all. The range the sandwiches, pastries and cakes at their counter always get me so excited! 

Could I have one of all please? :D

Recently, Chef Gontran Cherrier embarked in a #gontrangoeslocal project (you can read about it here). Basically he brilliantly combined one of our favourite local ingredient, gula melaka, into Tiong Bahru Bakery's all time best seller, Kouign Amann. 

Oh man...

 Can you imagine that sparks and fireworks in this perfect combination?!  

It is a winner combination for me! Two thumbs up for that. 

Oh, don't forget about the unique squid ink burger and their butternut pumpkin soup! ^^

Credit: Bun Master

Surprise to see this bakery making into my list? Or you haven't heard of Bun Master? 

Not surprise if these were your reaction.

Bun Master is a bakery which I came across by accident. I was at AMK hub's Fairprice Xtra and I noticed this really long queue just beside it. Best of all, I smelled yummy, delicious bread. I had to join the queue. 

Can't deny that the bread concept is very much like Barcook and Baker Talent, thus comparison is inevitable. But making it into the list naturally means that I like Bun Master more. I feel that the breads are much softer as compared and were still really good even on the second day. Also, the fillings are much more generous too! BT's filling can be quite pathetic if I may say. 

There's one bread that really stands out for Bun Master. Their signature Milk Bread. It is like having a milk pudding on your bread. Do try it if you have the chance. ^^

Credit: Jie's Bakery

This bakery certainly stands out as compared to the ones that I've shared above. 

'Old is gold' was what came into my mind first when I first tried their bread. 

Breads here are baked in the old school way and it definitely brings back some fond memories for the older generations. Where else can you find such a bakery which is still keeping the tradition? 

I'll always pop by when I get the chance, standard order would be: a loaf spread with kaya and butter. I'm not a person who will choose butter on my bread but their butter is really good! Very smooth and creamy. ^^ 

Besides loaves and loaves of traditional bread, they do have buns too! I love their yam bun which enclosed an orh nee type of filling. Yummy! <3

Now this is the end of my personal take on 'best bakery in Singapore'. So share with me some of your favourite ya? I would travel for a good loaf of bread and pastry. :D


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