Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Media invite: Grand Mandarina Restaurant 御华庭 @ New Bridge Road

Grand Mandarina Restaurant, just slightly 6 months old, is already making a big hit in the Chinese fine dining field! Well, just look at the amount of magazines and newspapers cut out about the restaurant. 

Occupying 2 levels, upon stepping into the restaurant you could already feel the surrounding is filled with grandness and richness of Chinese culture.  

Be sure to look out for the 'Empurau, 忘不了', also the most expensive fish in the market now. Grand Mandarina is one of the very few restaurants in Singapore to be carrying this renowned fish! Priced at $888/kg, pamper yourself with this delicious treat when there is the opportunity! ^^ 

On the second floor, there is even a fully equipped presentation screen! It is very suitable for cooperate meeting over a meal. :) There are 2 private rooms available for booking as well! 

Overall, the space at Grand Mandarina is able to cater to different sort of events! Now, moving on to food. Just a point to note that all the items featured are tasting portion so the actual serving size may differ. :)

Grand Mandarin Appetizer Platter. 

There are about more than 10 different appetizers available and these are just 3 of the Chef's Recommendation that we have tried. 

Honey glazed BBQ pork loin, $15 per order.

Probably one of the most famous dish of Grand Mandarina Restaurant. This honey glazed BBQ pork loin (or char siew) is so good that even food critic, Wong Ah Yoke, approved. 

I love the thick-cut of meat which gives a more satisfying bite. Also, if you look closer, you would notice a layer of golden caramelised ring around it. Yups, that's what makes this piece of char siew different from the rest. It has been flavourfully sweetened up by caramelised sugar. But no worries, the sweetness is very well controlled. We loved this and would surely come back for more! <3 

Deep-fried prawn coated with creme lemon sauce, $32 per order.

If you prefer seafood, I would recommend you this dish. I enjoyed the juicy prawn a lot! It was really huge and gives a bit of crunchy bites.The creme lemon sauce was brilliant as well. A little sweet and sour in it which totally stimulated my appetite! 

Crispy soft shell crab coated with chicken floss and curry leaves, $18 per order.

I'm not much of a soft shell crab fan, as most of the time I get more shell the the meat itself. :/ But I', glad that I find myself enjoying Grand Mandarina's version as I did bite into some soft and flavourful meat. It is indeed a very smart move to combine chicken floss and curry leaves as the flavour was really intense, yet not overpowering the taste of the soft shell crab itself. 

Double-boiled chicken soup with cordycep flower, $9++ per person.

I love double-boiled soup and this bowl of goodness from Grand Mandarina surely didn't disappoint us! Everyone happily drank up the soup because it was so rich and flavourful!

 Moreover, the chicken pieces were very tender! Thumbs up to that as some double-boiled soup may be very tasty, but the meat in it can be a little dry and tough. 

Also, if you come after 6.30pm, for an additional $2.80, you'll get a piece of abalone in your soup. Such a steal! 

Steamed silver cod with pink ginger topping in bonito sauce, $22++ per person.

This silver cod came up to be a big surprise to me. The fish was so fresh that it needed no additional sauce to go with it, I'm good with the natural sweetness of the fish. :') 

Roasted duck with perigord truffle, $22++ per order.

Another signature of  Grand Mandarina, which won the heart of Wong Ah Yoke. 

 The skin was really crispy with juicy fats melting in your mouth. Exactly the type of fats I wouldn't mind having. <3

Duck meat was really tender and moist! On a side note, the taste of truffle wasn't exactly distinct. But I would say, the dish is good enough on its own without truffle! 

Tofu with crab meat and egg white in carrot broth, $24++ per order.

Love the chef's creative plating which gives the otherwise predictable dish a more exciting look! Very photogenic indeed. 

Taste wise, the carrot 'yuan yang' broth was really flavourful. However, I was a little disappointed with the texture of the tofu. I will like it better if the tofu was more silky and smooth. 

Stir-fried crystal vermicelli with pork collar in X.O chilli sauce, $22++ per order.

A very humble looking dish, but it tasted so good! Made from tapioca, this vermicelli tasted much like the mung bean ones, except more springy and chewy. Also, I love the pork collar which has the right amount of fats to make the meat not overly fatty nor drying. Basically a very flavourful carbo that will leave your stomach really satisfied. 

Salted egg yolk bun, $4.80 for 3 pieces. 

There is just something about these golden lava that I can never get enough of. Love the smooth and buttery texture of the lava, which wasn't overpowering at all! I can surely pop in 3 at one go! 

If you're a dim sum lover, don't miss out Grand Mandarina's lunch time promotion! All dim sum are going at $0.88++! 

Green apple jelly with lime sorbet, $8 per person. 

A light and refreshing dessert to sum up our tasty lunch. Though the price at Grand Mandarina is at a slightly higher end, it is justifiable from the quality of food! Otherwise, do check out their website and facebook page in order not to miss any promotions! ^^ 

Thank you Grand Mandarina for the hosting. :)

325 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088760
Contact: 62223355
Operating hours: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm 
                                6.30pm to 10pm (daily)



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