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Taiwan Day 8 Part 2: Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

Finally at my final 3 posts for my Taiwan trip. Definitely a tedious one to write as you can see how long I took to vomit out the entire travelogue. But I think it's worth my time especially when I received thankful comments on the posts. ^^ 

I really hope my posts would help you, if you're planning a trip to Taiwan too! :) 

So we are at day 8 of the trip, after visiting Tamsui, we took the MTR and made our way to Shilin Night Market 士林夜市, the biggest night market in Taipei! Was really anticipating to come here since it is like the BIGGEST. :D

Just alight at Jiantan station and take exit 1. From there you would see signs guiding you to the night market. If not, just follow the crowd. 

It was a rainy night, but it did not stop the crowd from coming! 

But here comes the problem. 


Ok. So from what I observed. Shilin Night Market is totally segregated or fragmented might be a better word? Unlike the usual night markets where all the stalls are along the SAME street, at Shilin there is not particular place where it gathers all the food stalls. Basically, IT IS EVERYWHERE.

One word, MESSY. 

The first sign that you probably will notice is the basement area for food. They call it '美食区'. Naturally you'll expect the place to be huge, right?

Nope. Sadly it was really small and I was like.. that's it? The biggest night market in Taipei? :X

Not the mention food was horribly overpriced. :/ 

Also, having been to Raohe Night Market as well as FengJia Night Market, nothing seem to attract us here. 

Saw this 大饼包小饼 and I did my homework that it is a must try at Shilin. I think they got their name from the famous 大肠包小肠?

Long long queue as usual. 

Basically the crispy biscuit (with different choice of filling) is being crashed and wrapped with a popiah kind of skin.  

Here you go. I had the yam flavour. 

Took 2 bites and I.. dumped it away. 

It was horrible. Also the one and only thing I've dumped in this trip. I definitely don't like the idea of wasting food. :(

Gigantic Taiwan Sausages! 

This is worth a try! :) For sharing of course!

So we gave up on the '美食区' and decided to explore the streets again. We were determined to locate the street that is filled with food!!! (sadly there isn't.)

Saw this and we got tempted, because it is our favourite tamago!

I like how Taiwanese always spoilt me with choices. :D

We got the corn one. ^^

This was really good! One of the better ones in Shilin Night Market. Must eat it when it is still hot ok! 

Found Ah Zong Mee Sua at Shilin too! We just had to get another bowl because it is too nice! Really have to try this when you're in Taipei. :) Another reason is.. we couldn't find any other nicer food to eat. Mehs. 

Curry fish balls at the roadside.

Nothing special to me. :/ Just fishballs dip in curry. 

Have you heard of pearl sweet corns? I heard this this variation of corn is sweeter than the normal one. So I decided to order one. And guess what? I paid $7 for a sweet corn. 


I know right. I have friends who were being ridiculously over-charged at Shilin Night Market too. So please becareful! 

My $7 corn, which I didn't enjoy at all. It wasn't it all sweet as compared to the usual sweet corns and it was so OILY! You should have seen the amount of oil spammed on it. I could feel my arteries clogged. 


In the end, we decided to leave Shilin, feeling so disappointed. :/ 

Would I come back again? 

Nah. I think I'll stick to Raohe Night Market when I'm in Taipei again. :) 

Very unsatisfying dinner, so we went back to Ximending and had our mango shaved ice. Don't need to bother if the shop is a famous one or otherwise, because Taiwan's mango is naturally good! And I feel that sometimes, the less commercialised ones are the truly good ones. Refering to Shilin Night Market actually. Haha. :P

Alright, this is my personal experience of Shilin Night Market. Maybe you may have a better time there? Do share with me if you know where to go for all the good food in Shilin Night Market!:)

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