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Media invite: Peony Jade's "8 Rhapsodies of Spring" CNY tasting @ Keppel Club

With CNY in less than a month's time, I'm sure many of you would have started looking out for places to head to for this year's reunion dinner? 

I wouldn't be surprised if you have already called in for reservation! According to Peony Jade's manager, they have already received enquires on their CNY menu weeks ago! 

Peony Jade Restaurant’s branches at Keppel Club and Clarke Quay are primed to welcome the prosperous year of the sheep with its “Eight Rhapsodies of Spring” delights! This menu will be available starting from 6th Jan to 5th Mar! ^^ 

Already all prepared to welcome the Chinese New Year with full force! 

Beside the main dining area, there are a few private rooms available a more cosy dining experience with your love ones. 

While waiting for the rest of the media friends to arrive, we started with some light snacks. Well, not really light in terms of calories. Heh. But it's only once a year! (Y)

You think this is just another bak kwa. Well, you'll be surprise to know that this is actually made of BACON! Yups. As a matter of fact, a "healthier" version of bak kwa as it is slightly leaner than the normal bak kwa. In fact, if you don't tell me, I couldn't tell the different! My impression of bacon is always thin and crisp! Nothing near to bak kwa. Haha! 

But this "healthier" version comes with a price, $88/kg is definitely not cheap and Peony Jade is selling only at a limited amount for this special "bak kwa"! So grab it before they are gone! 

‘Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Bonsai-shaped Monies Tree YuSheng.

<<吉星拱照齐捞生, 捞到八方来财, 生意起 (风生水起,花开富贵发财盆栽摇钱树齐捞生)>>

Priced at S$198.88, this yusheng serves up to 15 guests, and is available for dine-in at Keppel Club only. 1-day advance order is required.

This was certainly an impressive yusheng! Probably the biggest I've ever encountered! The meaning of the bonsai-shaped monies tree is quite self-explanatory. Huat to all! :D 

The photogenic tree aside, all eyes were on this platter of fresh seafood sashimi - lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, atlantic salmon, sweet shimps and sea urchin. 

When you bring all the ingredients together. 

This masterpiece is further elevated by the brand’s unique sweet sauce, citrusy yuzu juice, and a sprinkle of truffle oil!! We actually weren't told about the truffle oil, but the moment we dug in, we knew it was there! So good!!! That's if you're a truffle fan too! ^^

The aftermath of a crazy toss & turn! Haha! 

To be honest, I love to eat lo hei, but I'm never a fan of the process of lo hei-ing. :P 

“Prosperity & Smooth Sailing” Hand-crafted Goat-shaped Deep-fried Hum-Soi-Kuok, glutinous rice stuffed with minced pork and mushrooms.

<<三羊开泰, 洋洋得意>>

This is definitely photo-worthy! We just couldn't stop snapping photos of this ultra cute masterpiece! Priced at S$9.88 per order of 3 pieces, this platter is for dine-in only and 1-day advance order is required. :)

“Flourishing Fortune” Steamed Black-eyed Pea Cake with golden pumpkin.

<<“连年堆金和玉” (蒸黑眉豆金瓜发财糕)>>

Priced at S$38.88 (serves up to 15 guests, and approximately 1 kg in weight).

Each piece of "sheep" is filled with glutinous rice with minced pork and shitake mushrooms. But what I like most was actually the outer layer, which was mochi but deep fried to golden brown. The texture of the mochi wasn't really crispy, but it was very soft! Compared to the deep fried glutinous balls that we usually have on our dim sum table, I much prefer this as it is less greasy and the softness of the mochi just won me entirely.  

“Reaping Abundance Wealth” Australian Premium Whole Abalone Poon Choi  – signature 

<<生财聚宝盆 (澳洲原粒发财鮑魚花开福贵盆菜)>>

With over 18 premium ingredients:
1. 10- whole head Australian abalones
2. whole sakura chicken
3. whole pork knuckle
4. golden oysters
5. roast pork
6. south afraican spikes sea cucumber
7. fresh whole scallops
8. pork tendons
9. fatt choy
10. fish maw
11. king prawns
12. whole shiitake mushrooms
13. homemade sea-grouper mousse caje
14. whole golden dried conpoy
15. taro
16. beancurd skin
17. radish
18. broccoli

Poon Choi is really a once a year indulgent! 

This  poon choi pot is priced at: 
1. S$468.88 for the Mini Premium Pot Package(serves 6 guests), 
2. S$598.88 for the Premium Pot Package (serves 8-10 guests). 

1-day advance order is required. Takeaway available as well! :)

“A Wealth of Prosperity and Longevity” Hong Kong Roast USA Goose sealed with Chef’s Special ‘Fa Cai” Broth

<<接宝财富到, 包群贺寿满事成首创灌汤靓烧鹅>>

Like you, I was very surprised with I saw the word GOOSE. Had to double confirm to ensure that I wasn't seeing things. Haha! Because I'm pretty sure that goose is banned in Singapore? 

Well, from what I was told, FDA only banned goose from China and Hong Kong, but not USA. So good news to goose lovers! You can now enjoy some yummy roasted goose at Peony Jade! Limited time only! 

Priced at S$188.88, this serves up to 12 guests and 1-day advance order is required. :)

‘Abundance Fortune’ Slow-Fire Stewed Lamb with Bamboo Shoots, fresh Whole Garlic, and Beancurd Skin


If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you would love that I don't take lamb. I can't stand that smell! Some of you too maybe? So the moment the lid was removed, that smell of lamb almost killed me, seriously. I was thinking "Ok, I'm not going to like this".

But the chef ensured me that it will only smell, but it wouldn't have any of the lamb taste. Ok, I'll be brave. I took a small bite initially and to be honest, it really did not taste as bad as it smelled to me! 

This lamb stew was so well-cooked that the meat literally just melted in my mouth! Also, I really love the shiitake mushrooms and beancurd skins that were inside this stew. They have totally absorbed the essence! I was just trying my host, all I needed was a bowl of rice and I'm good with this lamb stew! :D 

You'll be surprised that this dish was actually one of the hot fav by most of us and also the only dish that we could finished the entire portion!

 Priced at S$78.88, this serves up to 6 to 8 guests and 1-day advance order is required.

Signature: Reunion Steamed ‘Abundance Wealth’ Claypot Jasmine Rice with Chinese Sausages, Liver Sausages and Home-made Air Dry Duck Drumstick. 


Priced at S$68.88 for up to 6guests and S$88.88 for up to 10 guests, available for dine-in and takeaway.

A very humble looking dish that took my heart away. This was another hot favourite beside the lamb stew. 

This quintessential claypot rice is layered with top-grade preservedmeats like Chinese sausages, liver sausages and homemade wind-dry duck drumstick (tasted like char siew to me!) and the result is a beautiful creation of sweet-salty waxed meats and the delicious meat-flavoured jasmine rice with a “smoky” fragrance and after-taste! Would definitely go for more rice if I wasn't so stuffed from all the food by then! 

“Huat Ah!” Prosperity Goats Gift Set


This surely is another photogenic creation! Yes it will be presented in this way if you were to order this limited edition set, pried at S$88.88 per set and while stock last! 1-day advance order is required! If you must know, everything is hand-crafted and everything is edible

Each of these sheeps are filled with salty egg custard that has a varieties of beans, grains and nuts incorporated! Again, the skin impressed me for the softness! 

“Overflowing Wealth” Glazed Kumquat with “Fa-Cai” Vanilla Beans 

<<五谷豐收, 黄金聚满屋>>

the kumquats

With their skins intact, these kumquats were cooked for 45 minutes over boiling water before candying them in sugar syrup for 7 days, to absorb all the sweet goodness! They were then further infused with vanilla pods before serving. It tasted like a tangy, mini mandarin orange to me!

Priced at S$18.88 per jar, 1-day advance order is required! 

“Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment’” Gift Set

 <<风生水起花开富贵发财盆栽 >>

This is a preservative-free artisan peony shaped floral dazzlers filled with premium low sugar white lotus paste with Salted Egg Yolk & Macadamia Nuts.

Priced at S$78.88 for a box of 8 pieces.

Looks like a mooncake to you? Well, you're not entirely wrong because it is inspired from a mooncake, specially the teochew orh nee mooncakes. 

Peony Jade is really well known for their mooncakes, so you can be guaranteed about quality of this dessert. Or the fact that I ate 2 pieces despite feeling so full from the whole meal! 

Overall, the CNY menu that we have tasted at Peony Jade is more that satisfactory! Will definitely recommend to you, if you're still looking for a good dining locaton for this coming CNY reunion dinner! :)

Bukit Chermin Road, 
Keppel Club (Level M)
Singapore 109918
Tel: 6276 9138
Monday to Friday – 11am to 2:30pm & 6pm to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 3pm & 6pm to 11pm


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