Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Lola's Cafe @ Simon Road

Lola's Cafe needs no introduction, there is always an endless stream of people ever since it opened its door. What is so special about this place you may wonder? I guess, it's because the cafe charges at nett prices (meaning no service charge and GST). That makes a whole lots of difference to the bill! Also, prices are really competitive here. But most importantly, I have heard a lot about the yummy food served! 

Because of the popularity of Lola's Cafe, they actually have an electronic system for waiting. 

Although they don't take in reservation during weekend, they do for weekdays! Which we did by making a reservation before coming down. It is seriously a wiser move as when we reached, the cafe was actually packed. Yes, on a weekday. 

It is a really tiny cafe, your backyard cafe like they said. Tables are really arranged so closely together that it can be a little uncomfortable to move. 

The menu. 

Choices are very standard for brunch, scrambled eggs or eggs benedict. The usual cafe food in short. 

At the counter you can find yourself some sweets. Mainly tarts to be found, but nothing really caught my attention. 

Lola's Full Monty Breakfast, $15. 

Portion came up to be much smaller that we have expected, but for the price I won't complain much. Other than that, we really enjoyed this breakfast plate, in fact this has to be one of the best monty breakfast I had from cafes. Love the juicy sausages and candied bacon especially! 

Nacho Cheese Fries, $8.

It was a decision making moment for me to choose between truffle fries and this, got the latter in the end because nacho cheese and fries sounded too perfect for me. 

It was a very simple side I guess, just fries topped with some nacho cheese. The cheese got a little overwhelming for the boy towards the end. Haha. 

Verdict? I would perfect my KFC cheese fries any time. 

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings, $10. 

This seem to be the most popular item on the menu, seriously everyone comes here for this wings. So of course, I have to find out for myself! :D 

Wings were really moist and tender, but it was extremely oily and lack of flavours for me. :/ Other than the skin (which was powdered with the spices), I actually don't taste any flavours. Quite a disappointment for me I would say. 

I guess, Lola's Cafe was a little over rated for me. Food is just decent, not the really "WOW" type. I guess it's a good hangout place for a quick and affordable meal! But not so much for gathering due to the size constraint. Oh, besides the food, I find the staff here to be really friendly! That's a bonus to have good service! ^^

5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893
Tel: +65 62840349
Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu: 10am - 1130pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - 12midnight
Sun: 10am - 1130pm
(Closed on Mon)


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  1. It's always so crowded that I've never had the chance to eat there yet.