Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Media invite: Joo Korean Bar

Joo, a brand new makgeolli bar and restaurant located just across Bugis Junction. 

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, makgeolli, it is actually the oldest alcoholic beverage native to Korean. Unlike the more popular, soju, makgeolli is not distilled after fermentation, thus it is a milky white colour instead. 

No worries if you have no idea about the existence of makgeolii, neither did I in the beginning! In fact, Joo is the first in Singapore to proudly brew their own makgeolli! 

Price at $7 for a 150ml bottle, $15 for a carafe (serves 2) and J28 for a large bottle (serves 4).

If you're a makgeolli newbies, like me, you can try the makgeolli sampler ($35 for 5) instead! This sampler showcases different flavours of makgeolli! From original to black raspberry, yucha, mango, lychee , peach and strawberry! My favourite was the yucha (Korean's version of yuzu) one! Slightly sweet with a little hint of sourness. :) 

Sojurita, $28 for 2.

Well, if you're looking for something really exotic and interesting, get this to share with your partner-in-crime! :P 

One of the coolest presentation I've seen for an alcohol presentation! Basically just chuck the entire beer into an ice moutain and enjoy it chilled! 

Lime soju mojito, $12 per glass, $22 per small jug, $36 per large jug;
Grape soju mojito, $14 per glass, $24 per small jug, $40 per large jug.

If you just want a drink and exotic drinks are not your game, mojito is the way to go! My standard order for cocktail too! :D 

The grape soju mojito will be my preferred choice as I like the slightly sweet taste in it. :)

Baby Eel Paper, $12 - deep fried baby eel with chilli salt and lime zest. 

Now, how you can drink without some bites right?

This baby eel paper was really addictive! We couldn't stop munching on them as we waited for the other food to be served. 

Tofu chips with guacamole & kimchi salsa, $12 - housemade tofu chips with avocado, kimchi and cucumber.

On first bite, I didn't feel much about the tofu chips. Honestly, it felt like any ordinary chips to me. But as I grabbed more from the bucket, I slowly started to appreciate the beauty of this tofu chips. It doesn't have that oily or heaty after feel. In fact, I could just have the chips by themselves! The dips weren't necessary in my opinion.  

Warm kimchi with tofu & spam, $14 - housemade kimchi and mangalitsa pork belly, served with tofu, onion and scallion.

In case you're wondering, mangalitsa is actually a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. It is also the only breed of pig to have thick hairy coat like a sheep! It is in fact uncommon to have mangalitsa pork belly on the menu in Singapore!

The best way to way to enjoy this dish is to layer the tofu, spam and finally kimchi with mangalitsa, before popping them together into the mouth! This housemade kimchi with mangalitsa pork belly was actually one of my fav dish of the night!

Slow roasted mangalitsa belly, $32 - thick cut mangalitsa pork belly served with onion, garlic, dijon mustard and spring onion salad. 

The previous dish was one of my fav, while this thick cut mangalitsa pork belly was the fav! The boyfriend and I agreed that mangalitsa pork belly is best served thick cut and roasted. Yums! 

Joo Bossam, $28 - Boiled mangalitsa pork belly served with spicy radish salad and white yucha kimchi. 

After trying the roasted version and salad version of mangalitsa pork belly, we also tried the boiled version! Not quite a fan of this, I feel that the pork itself lacked flavour. Definitely have to enjoy it with the side dishes served along.

Hand-chopped korean minced rib steak, $20 - US prime minced rib meat, garlic flakes and chopped nuts. 

One of the highlight of the night, The meat was so moist and flavourful! 

Kimchi chicken potpie, $12 - chicken tenderloin with vegetables, kimchi bechamel and puff pastry. 

Another dish that I could recommend is this humble looking potpie. Best eaten when hot! Unlike the usual potpie which can be really creamy and becomes overwhelming to the tastebud, this Korean version is very light in cream and has a slight spicy taste. 

Seafood Gochujang risotto, $24 - shrimp, black mussel, clam and squid cooked with red pepper paste cream sauce. 

If you need your carbo really badly, you can try this east-meet-west dish! I actually prefer this version than the original risotto. Heh.. I guess I'm just more incline towards spicy than creamy food.:P

Overall, Joo Korean Bar is a good place to chill with a couple of friends, especially when you're a fan of Korean food and beverages! The friendly staffs here is an additional point. :)

And if you're into photography, Joo Korean Bar is probably one of the best place for it. The entire design here is just too pretty and photo-worthy! 

5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188 094
Contact: 8138 1628
Opening hours: 5.30pm - 12am, daily


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