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Review: TAO Seafood Asia - Mothers' Day Special @ Asia Square Tower

A few days ago, Mr Tan and I were invited for a dinner tasting at TAO Seafood Asia. Gladly accepted since we have heard so many good reviews about this Thai-Chinese Restaurant! (FYI, the the founder-cum-head chef of TAO Seafood Asia, Mr Lee, also founded Thai Village!) 

So we were here to try out their Mothers' Day special menu, which will be available for the entire month of May! 

Besides their standard menu, which features mainly seafood. This special menu created for all mothers is more homey I'll say. In fact Chef Lee names it "Mrs Lee's Favourites" because all the dishes are in fact, his beloved wife's favourite dishes! Literally went "awwww" when I heard that! 

*cough* Mr Tan where is my special, personal menu? *cough*


Jokes aside, thanks to Mrs Lee, we get to savour her favourite homecooked food by Head Chef Lee! :) 
We started with some refreshing lemongrass with rock sugar drink, $5!

Chilled Drunken Chicken, $10.

This is the first time I'm trying a drunken chicken that indeed has the 酒 taste! SO GOOD!! All of us finished the chicken in no time. Best eaten with the green chilli pasta in the background. But seriously, that green chilli goes well with EVERYTHING!! I ended up eating it with my rice too! :D

Steamed egg with coconut juice, topped with crab meat and fish roes, $9.80.

Looks so much like pudding right? So beautiful!! 
That beautifully crafted fish you see is actually from a pumpkin! I was so excited when I heard the word PUMPKIN. Hahahaha! But too bad only for display. Can't be eaten. LOL! 

Imagine less eggy but a smoother chawanmushi! 

I feel my skin getting better after slurping this up! Hahahaha! 
Exaggerated much but placebo effect can be quite powerful you know? :P

So, those 2 dishes were the appetizers. Moving on to the mains, which were the stars of the night! 

I said they were really homey right? 

But don't be fooled by their ordinary look, because they tasted extraordinary! 

Chef Lee's Homestyle Wok Fried Prawns, $30. 

The look itself already spells home. This is surely one simple looking dish that was packed with so much flavours! 

We adhere to the advice of eating the prawns with our hands to fully enjoy this dish. We did and I could totally understand why we were told to "dirty" our fingers! Because we didn't mind getting your fingers dirty in the end! In fact, we enjoyed licking the yummy sauces off our fingers! Heh.

ps: I even finished up the lettuces because they were well-coated with the addicted sauce as well! :P

Claypot chicken with baby abalone and red wine, $48.

Another winner dish! Glad we had 2 servings of this to share. :D

Abalone for you? 
Yes, I'll be more than willing to let you have the abalone because moist and tender chicken pieces were the stars of this claypot! They reminded me of sesame oil chicken! So flavourful

TAO pig trotter with sea cucumber, $48.

My favourite of the favourites! Hehe.. I love the sea cucumber and the collagen-packed PIG SKIN!!  Usually I tend to avoid this sinful + fatty part. But this was cooked till jelly soft! 
My mouth over mind then. :P 

Look at that gravy! I can fully understand if you needed a extra serving of rice. 

Do note that, this collagen-rich pot needs at least 2 days advance booking! :)

So that's all the 5 dishes that are under "Mrs Lee's Favourites" menu! Available till 31st May only! 

Now, if the 5 homey dishes aren't enough for you. Their usual seafood menu will still be available as well! :) 

We got to try some of their highly recommended items on the usual menu too! 

TAO SEAFOOD ASIA Stewed Rice Vermicelli, $24.

This is a must-try other than the signature glass noodles with crab

Another plain looking taste? 
But remember your teachers always say "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? 

The rice vermicelli was extremely flavourful!! I'm not sure what broth they have used to cook the vermicelli in, but the noodles has certainly absorbed the full richness! 

Crispy fish skin with salted egg sauce, $10. 

Fish skin is my weakness. 
Salted egg yolk is also my weakness. 
Now the double temptation being placed in front of me! 
I cannot... 

Orh nee sago, $6. 

A re-make of the traditional orh nee (yam paste) that we always know. This version tasted lighter for sure. 

A better choice for wish to end the dinner on a sweet but lighter note. :)

Got to enjoy 2 bowls because Mr Tan isn't a huge fan of desserts! Yay! :D

Overall, Mr Tan and I truly enjoyed the food at TAO Seafood Asia. A great change for our tastebuds because of the taste of home I guess. :') 

12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10
Singapore 018961
Contact: 6844 9969
Operating hours: 1130 - 1430 / 1800 - 2200 (daily)


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