Monday, May 4, 2015

Recipe: Creamy Seafood Pasta

On certain days, when I'm feeling extremely hardworking, I bake a cake and made lunch altogether! :D 

That's a matcha azuki chiffon by the way! Served alongside with creamy seafood pasta using homemade carrot pasta (JOYOUNG Noodles Maker). Of course, fruits are a staple in my diet! ^^

Anyway, before I share with everyone my favourite creamy pasta recipe. Let me show you the wonders of JOYOUNG Noodles Maker again!! 

Carrot Macaroni! 

Carrot Spaghetti! 

More photos of the making can be found on my dayre! :)

Ok. I decided to transfer the photos here too. :P

Carrot juice for the pasta! Credit to the bro for making this! :)

The fun begins~

Carrot macaroni. 

Carrot spaghetti. 

Homemade noodles under 15min!! Good or what?! :D 

The turn out! 

We are really having much fun with our new 'toy' in the kitchen! Hehe.. :D 

Version 1 for him: creamy seafood macaroni. 

Version 2 for her: creamy salmon spaghetti. 

We actually prefer the spaghetti version more! 
I think because spaghetti has a larger surface area to absorb the full flavour of the cream more?  

Alright, alright, I know you're waiting for the recipe. S

Here go~ 

1. Cook the pasta. 

Most of you should be using store bought ones, so just follow the cooking instructions on the packet! I will recommend, linguine or spaghetti for this recipe! :)

2. Pan sear the scallops and salmon (separately). Set aside. 

Add a bit of olive oil will do because salmon releases a lot of oil as it is being cooked on the pan!

3. Without washing the pan, toss in the tomatoes and mushroom (combination is highly flexible), mix well. 

This is to allow the tomatoes and  Let them absorb the full flavour of the salmon!

4. Add in 2 cups of milk, 3 pieces of laughing cow cheese and 2 pieces of laughing cow cheddar cheese.

I use skim milk in this case, but feel free to change it to full cream milk for a creamier texture! You can always add more cheese too for a cheesy taste as well! For me, this is just nice for our tastebuds. :) Also, this is a 2 portions measurement!

5. Toss in the cooked pasta and serve! 

I like to sprinkle some chilli flakes and spices for a more 'all-rounded' taste. Completely optional! :)

All ready to serve! 

ps: this is how I save on the washing of extra plates! :P

These 2 are cooked with store bought linguine by the way. :) 

Shared this recipe earlier on dayre and I'm so happy that some of my readers have tired and they like it as well! ^^ 

It's really a simply recipe by the way, half an hour is possible to cook this! 

Alright~ till then! ^^



  1. Lol that's not creamy... just looks like pasta swimming in liquid

  2. Hi,

    I never use brown mushroom before.
    I bought it ytd, but for the skin, do i need to remove the brown skin?
    And when i remove the stems, i notice there is a lot of black black things inside? I should remove that also?