Saturday, June 6, 2015

PAVO Hair Studio @ Nassim Road // Hvala Waffle Bar @ 313 Somerset // Jasons the Gourmet Grocer @ Orchard Towers

This post is kinda random. Haha! All the random things that have happened to me for the last 2 weeks. 

So random #1 - Did my hair at PAVO Hair Studio! :D 

Ok, I guess regularly readers would know that my hair is very lucky to be sponsored and well taken care of by Phyllis, from PAVO. 

So 2 weeks ago, I went to her for my monthly hair care and she suggested that I do a hair treatment call Keratin Hair Treatment. I trust her, so I agreed immediately! Haha. 

Left: before.
Right: Phyllis was tidying up my hair! Very honestly, I always love the way she does my hair. ^^

After the Keratin Hair Treatment!

It didn't take long, 2 hours and my hair is so soft and straight! 

It looks like I have just rebonded my hair eh? But nope, this is the magic of this hair treatment! It smoothens the hair, making it soft and frizz-free! Most importantly, unlike rebonding, keratin hair treatment wouldn't damage the hair structure! 

For the first time I actually like how I look in bangs! ^^ 

Call 6733 9909 to make an appointment with Phyllis! You can quote my name, 'lirongs', for an exclusive 20% discount! ^^


Random #2 - Hvala Waffles Bar 

Then Mr Tan and I hopped over to Hvala Waffles Bar @ 313 Somerset,  for some unique waffles that are served on sticks! 

Like super cool right? The owner is really innovative! With this idea, I can just get a stick and continue my shopping! :D 

Most importantly, each stick is only like $3.80! Super worth it! 

Alternatively, you can also opt for soft serve ice cream to go along with your waffles! 

Again, for easy eating, the waffles with soft serve ice cream is served in a cup! Just top up additional $2 for the ice cream! 

Honestly, Mr Tan and I didn't have much expectation of Hvala Waffles Bar before we tried, but after we did, we are a convert! Looks like llao llao has a strong competitor here! 

Hvala Waffle Bar
313 @ Somerset #B3-50, 
Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


Randon #3 - Jasons the Gourmet Grocer.  

After which Mr Tan and I walked over to Orchard Towers to attend a media event at Jasons the Gourmet Grocer.  

To celebrate its 40 years in Singapore! The premium grocery shop has undergone a total facelift and launched a total of over 750 exclusive products!

I love how spacious and huge this place is! Most importantly, love the clean and bright look! It makes me happy instantly! :D 

Seriously, I such a huge fan of supermarts! Haha! Actually, supermarket is our favourite dating place Hehe... 
Ok. I digressed. :P 

At Jasons you can almost find everything you need and even be surprised by things that you wouldn't expect! Like a walk-in cheese room

Cheese lovers' type of heaven because there are a total of 80 different types of cheeses here imported from Europe! 

Oh yes, cheeses for sampling so that you buy only the ones that you like! 

Another not to miss is the Basement Wine Cellar @ Jasons. The wine cellar houses more than 1000 wines, of which 250 bottles are exclusive to Jasons! 

Sure enough, everyone would be able to find a bottle that suits your special occasion! 

Confession: I just want to show off my smooth and silky hair! Bahahaha! :P 

Anyway, be sure to check out Monbana Chocolate when at Jasons! I love it! :D 

Jason's The Gourmet Grocer
Orchard Towers 1, #01-01,
Claymore Drive 

Congrats if you've survived till the very end! :D



  1. Hi Lirong
    many idea how much the keratin treatment costs and if your 20% discount is still valid?


    1. Hi Melissa,

      yes the 20% discount is still valid. :) If I didn't remember wrongly it's about $300. Depending on your hair length too! :)

      You can call in at 6733 9909 and ask for Phyllis, to enquire. :)


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