Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Club Street Social @ Gemmill Lane + Cedele @ Wheelock Place

Facts about me - I don't eat eggs unless it's sunny side up, poached or scrambled. Haha! 

Basically, a crazy fan of oozing egg yolk! :P 

So back to topic, I have always always always been hunting for the "Best Scrambled Eggs" in Singapore and this time round I'm here at Club Street Social, for their much raved scrambled eggs of course. 

Located at a quiet corner of Gemmil Lane, Club Street Social is a perfect place for a lovely brunch as it is nothing like most of the overly crowded cafes on a weekend. 

I was attracted to the huge collections of cocktails and beers the moment I stepped in. Apparently, the cafe transforms into a bar when the sun goes down! 

Scrambled Eggs, Fontina, Chives and Toast, with an add on of Pork Sausage, $12 + $4 for add on. 

Honestly, $12 for a plate of eggs and toasts. This is so overly priced! Then again, which cafe food isn't overly priced? Hah. So we decided to just throw away  another $4 for a pork sausage. :P 

The serving for scrambled eggs was really generous as you can see (well there is nothing more than eggs and toasts on this plate anyway). The flavour was really good with the addition of fontina and chives! A combination that you won't find in other cafes. 

However, I would love the scrambled eggs to be more runny. :/ 

I have seen many posts of Club Street Social's scrambled eggs and this is definitely not the best plate that they have produced. I guess it is just my luck that whenever I'm at a place, the chef just wasn't on form? T.T (I had a similar experience at Kith's Cafe). 

Anyway, beside the scrambled eggs, Club Street Social is also known for their Truffled Egg Toast and Bread Pudding! Don't miss them if you're there, and perhaps share with me your experience? ^^

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069261
Contact: 6225 5043
Operating hours: Mon to Fri: 11am – 10.30pm
              Sat: 9am – 10.30pm
        Sun: 9am – 9pm


Anyhow, previous post I mentioned about doing a Keratin Hair Treatment at PAVO Hair Studio. A week later, I came back again! This time round to colour my hair! :D 

Got a healthier shade of brown because my previous colour was fading! :D 


Headed to Cedele to meet Mr Tan for a late lunch next. ^^


But.. I'm quite sad that the bread selections to go with the soup is so limited now. Boo! 

This is the 3rd in a row where I'm being disappointed by Cedele. 

And just because I have gotten a new hairdo. :PpP 

Though the bread selections were disappointing, this curry chicken pasta that we shared was really good! In general, Mr Tan and I have always been a fan of Cedele's pastas! :) 

501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
T: +65 6732 8520
Daily: 10am to 10pm

Ok, ending off with yet another shameless selfie! :P 

So happy to be in Japan (Yes, I'm in Japan now as you're reading this. I scheduled the post) with a pretty hair cut! Heh. 

Call 6733 9909 to make an appointment with Phyllis @ PAVO Hair Studio! You can quote my name, 'lirongs', for an exclusive 20% discount! ^^


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