Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: House of Peranakan Petit @ Eng Hoon Street

Located at a corner of the cafe-hopping heaven, Tiong Bahru, House of Peranakan Petit seen a little out of place. But I guess this is also what makes it stands out among the rest?

The tiny restaurant (about 30-seater) is the latest addition to the House of Peranakan Group, so after hearing much about the good reviews of this place, I was excited to come here for the food tasting! :P

I'm surely not disappointed, read on to find out more about Peranakan food if you haven't have any idea of this cuisine or you're just hungry for some Peranakan food! :D 

Upon stepping into the restaurant, my first thought was "wow, this place is really.. TINY'. Haha! 

The whole place is decorated with beautiful Peranakan display! Almost like a tiny Peranakan museum too!:)

Drinks to start our night. 
Left to right:
1. Fresh lime juice with agar agar 
So refreshing!! I had 4 glasses of this. Actually ended up, everyone ordered more of this as well.  Freshly squeezed lime juice is hard to come by these days.

2. Ice lychee tea
Too sweet. 

3. Ice lemongrass drink 
Very strong lemongrass taste. Not for everyone I would say, you probably like it because you're a fan of lemongrass. 

Some of the appetizers that we tried. 

Ngoh Hiang, $12.

Actually it was supposed to be their signature otah otah (made with 20 ingredients! A secret recipe on the family!) BUT IT WAS SOLD OUT IN THE AFTERNOON!!!

However, our kind host changed it to their ngoh hiang instead. Juicy and crispy!! 

But I still wish that it was the otah otah. Haha! Try it for me and tell me if it is nice? :D 

Bob's pork bun, $10 for 2 buns.
Chef bob's secret recipe! Caramelised braised pork belly (thus, the hint of sweetness) served with fluffy soft buns!

We ended up asking for more servings of this yummy 'Chinese style hamburger'. Hahaha! Action speaks a thousand words eh? 

Scallop lemak, $28.

A new creation using the typical ingredients on a Peranakan dish. Another dish where all of us volunteered to eat the lettuce as well (because of the gravy!:P).

Moving on to the main dishes, which are also my favourites of the night! 

Ayam Buah Keluak, $18.

No Peranakan meal is completed without this! So happy that I finally get to try this after reading so much about it being the signature of Peranakan food! 

You can go  Google up about this labourious heritage dish! I remember learning about this in Social Studies! Hahaha! 

Featuring braised chicken in a gravy of turmeric, lemongrass and Buah Keluak (the black thing, it is a type of fruit which is poisonous if not handled properly!)

Curry crayfish, $24.

This will be the MAIN reason why I'll come back.

Because of this crayfish, I had an extra serving of rice! Literally mopped up all the gravy!

Itek sioh, $18.
The only Peranakan restaurant that still serves this! Yet another labourious dish because the duck has to be braised for hours!

I think what makes me really like the home here is the homely style of cooking! 

If I use one sentence to conclude the experience here, it will be... 

'A taste of home'. 

I like that they did not try to be fanciful with their dishes. Instead they serve up humble and homely food that makes you want to come back for more!

Even though we were like super full! We can't resist desserts. :D 

Durian chendol, $8.50.
Gula Melaka sago pudding with coconut ice cream, $6.50.
Although I'm a huge durian fan, I would prefer this if I have to choose one dessert only!

Tapioca Kueh and pulut Hitam. 

In general, desserts were not as fantastic as their savoury dishes I would say. Hits and misses. So I suggest, just go with durian and gula melaka. With them, you can't go too wrong! 

Now this is new on the menu! Cempedak ball soursop gelato, $7.50.

Served along with freshly squeezed lime!  I can imagine eating this on a hot day, this will be damn shiok please! 

Overall, though the price is steeper here compared to other places, House of  Peranakan Petit serves one of the best Peranakan food I've tried so far! :)

42 Eng Hoon Street, 
Tiong Bahru Estate,  
Singapore 169785
Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed - Sun: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm 
Closed on Tuesdays


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