Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: Tony's Pizza @ Bugis Junction

How is everyone's June going so far? :D 

It has been a non-stop eating month for me (what's new), even after I'm back from Japan! Thought of eating healthier after I come back, but failed miserably because Singapore is a food paradise~ Hahahaha! 

Ok. Back to topic. :P 

So after I touched down in Singapore, I went to Tony's Pizza food tasting the next day! Because New York style pizza is just too tempting for me to say no and focus on eating greens! Bahahahaha! #glutton 

So I went and had no regret on going because calories not wasted! :D 

Currently there are 2 Tony's Pizza outlets. Bugis Junction is the second, but also much bigger one which targets at the younger crowd in the area. 

So the whole concept here is really American, aka, fast food style. Haha! 

You look at the menu, decide on what you want, go to the counter, order and you pay. Did I mention free sitting as well? So yup, free and easy~ 

Of course at Tony's Pizza, you have to try their classic hand toss New York Style Pizza!

Chef Tony is a true American, so there cannot be more authentic New York's Pizza than Tony's! 

Flip over, you'll find the sides and drinks! No desserts though. My host told me that customers are usually too full from the huge pizza that they just can't stomach any more sweets. 

Strawberry lemonade x Lemonade, $4 each. 

Strawberry is a little too sweet in my opinion, but after letting the ice melt a little, the taste is better! 

Buffalo Wings, 6pcs, $6.90.

You get to choose your sauce for wings from BBQ, naked to spicy versions like 'mild, hot or atomic'! 

I requested for atomic and I find that it was.. ok? Hahaha! But my dining companions died at the 'hot' level. :P 

Tony's Special Meatballs Pasta, $12.90.

Of the 7 pasta selections, we tried just 2 of them. This special meatballs was really mandatory I feel.  

Smoked Duck Black Pepper Cream Pasta, $14.90.

Best pasta award please! We love this plateful so much that we had to order a second serving!! :D

I think what really stands out in this pasta is the sauce! That creamy (yet not overwhelming) and peppery combination is just.. SHIOKKKK. 

I don't need the smoked duck, just leave me all the creamy pasta~ 

We didn't have enough stomach capacity, otherwise I would love to try their garlic prawns pasta as well as smoked salmon creamy pasta! 

Gone are the days when I would choose tomato-based pasta over creamy ones~ :P  

All the Works, $14.90.

The name says it all. Basically a combination everything to makes this ultimate burger that is fit for a King! 

Crowned with lightly toasted buns, 'all the works' features 2 grilled juicy patties sandwiching a layer of hashbrowns, bacon, layered with cheese, fresh greens and finished with our house-made specialty sauces.

A happy mess! ^^

But this is the real deal that we are here for. What's a visit to Tony's Pizza without their signature New Yorker Pizza! 

As mentioned there are 9 different types of pizza flavours to choose from, we had one of each to complete our 18'' full pan! Everything, but.. 'LOVE FOR VEGGIE'. 

Don't get us wrong, we sure love our veggie, but when there are more interesting flavours like 'truffle mushroom', 'seafood fiesta', 'meat lover' and etc.. veggie? Hmm. next time. Hahaha! 

Refer above for the full menu of their pizza as well as individual prices! :) 

I would really recommend you to come down with a group of friends to try this! It's really..sensational? Hahaha! I was like SO EXCITED when I see this huge portion served to us! Heh. :D 

If you're dining alone, then I'll suggest you go for the premium flavour, seafood fiesta, $8 per slice. 

Price seem steep for a piece of pizza? Well, one large piece of this is enough to fill you! 

Otherwise, we go for the truffle mushroom, $8 per slice. You can't give this a miss if you are a fan of truffle!! 

The size for your comparison. 

Definitely IG worthy type of food too! :P

Bugis Junction, #01-68A 
200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: 
Sunday to Thursday
11am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday
11am to 11pm 



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