Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recipe: easy and perfect scrambled eggs

Hello everyone! ^^ 

I'm back to share with everyone another one of my favourite cafe food - Big Breakfast! For me, a big breakfast platter is never complete without scrambled eggs! 

In my opinion, a perfect scrambled eggs is one that is wet, moist and slightly runny. Most importantly, no butter and dairy products should be added to it. 

In another word, a well executed scrambled eggs should just be having eggs only. Nothing else. 

2 cold eggs
Cooking oil
Salt/pepper/herbs/spices to taste

1. Oil a saucepan with a thin layer of oil using kitchen towel. Heat up the oil-ed saucepan over low flame.

2. Crack 2 cold eggs into a bowl before pouring into the heated saucepan.

3. Using your spatula, gently stir the eggs to break the yolks. This also to prevent scrapes from forming on the bottom or side of the saucepan. (Do not allow eggs to stick onto the pan) Continue to stir the egg mixture until the transparent egg whites slowly turn white in colour. 

4. Dish and plate when the scrambled eggs has reached the consistency that you like. (I prefer wet and runny ones, if you prefer it to be more cooked, then leave it on the fire for a longer time.) Season the egg with some salt/pepper/herbs/spices. I usually go with some black pepper and dill. :)

I got to say the tricks to a perfectly cooked scrambled eggs are:

1. cold eggs - prevents the eggs from being cooked too quickly
2. Low heat - again to prevent the eggs from being cooked too quickly

Check out Jamie Oliver's tips and tricks on cooking scrambled eggs! It's quite useful I feel. :)

How to even get sick of eating eggs? Heh. 

This is a simple fruits and vegetable salad that I've modified from my Asian Tofu salad recipe. Check it out from here! ^^

Remember healthy and hearty meal is possible! Just take note of what you put onto your cooking utensil and of course, your mouth. :)

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