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Food in Bugis Part 2: Rabbit Owl Depot // Boulangerie Asanoya // Froth

Welcome back for the 2nd instalment of this Food in Bugis series! Hahaha! 

Ok, so the previous time I wrote about Hyde & Co, Symmetry and Artistry. Today, I'm writing another 3 more in Bugis area! 

First up, Rabbit Owl Depot, just directly across the road from The National Library! :)


It is a super cute ice cream cafe that is opened together by a sweet couple! 

That's why owl and rabbit eh? My guess is that is the names that have for each other? :P 

Maybe that is the reason why their ice creams are so sweet? 

I have quite a sweet tooth, but the ice cream here were so sweet when we visited. Not sure if the sweetness has been adjusted now. 

Signature snowflake waffles with roasted black sesame and earl grey ice cream, $12.50.

If you find the standard waffles size to be too big for you, the beautiful snowflake waffles here will just be right for you! 

I would have loved the waffles more if they were served warm. Was slightly cold when the waffles were being served. I wonder why? 

I think my favourite about this cafe is how they could do a perfect round shape ice cream!:D 

Rabbit Owl Depot
420 North Bridge Road #01-06 
Singapore 188727
Tel: 63364075
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily

Second place, Boulangerie Asanoya. A Japanese bakery which has arrived in Singapore sometime last year! It is located just behind Rabbit Owl Depot! :)

FYI, it is also the first time in its 81 years of existence, one of Tokyo’s best bakeries set up shop outside Japan! Hence, the opening of Boulangerie Asanoya did create some commotion! Well, a bread lover like me definitely would not miss this place! :D 

We were impressed by how huge the place is! But a bit empty ar? Haha! We were expecting it to be quite packed since they were newly opened and there were so much anticipation? 

Besides a variety of breads, you can also find quick bites like salads, sandwiches and pastries here! 
Oh. I really love the matcha bread here! 

What we had to share. ^^

Spinach quiche, $6.

 I find it to be too pricey given that it was a really small piece. But it was good, would be better if they had helped us to warm up the quiche! ^^

Make a guess. What is this? :D

An ultra sweet, red bean doughnut! So sweet that I have to have some quiche along in order to finish the doughnut. Haha! That aside, the doughnut itself was soft and fluffy! 

The salad looks like those chye peng standard? Anyway, $3 for this is so not worth it! :/ 

A club sandwich which I can easily make at home too. :P

Finally one of their signature, chocolate cube. 

We were actually eyeing for the matcha one, but they were OOS when we arrived. T.T 

What happened to the oozing chocolate filling that I've seen on Instagram! :< 

Overall, quite a disappointed experience at Boulangerie Asanoya. My expectation is surely higher since it is from Japan? They are like the master of bread and pastries in Asia! :/ 

Well, I have been to Boulangerie Asanoya since then. Hopefully things have gotten better? ^^

15 Queen Street #01-03Singapore 188537
Tel: (65) 6703 8703
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 9am - 9pm

The 3rd place that I'm sharing, Froth @ Big Hotel. 

I was invited here a while ago to try out their brunch menu! 

Coffee jelly, $7.50.
Peppermint mocha, $5.50. 

Surprisingly good coffees! 

Started with 2 bowls of sides. 
Actually I think FROTH has a lot of interesting items on the menu! Wish we have bigger stomach for more things!! 

Mixed fries - truffle fries, sweet potato and taro, $12.90.
Mixed mushroom tempura - Battered shiitake, button mushroom and enoki , $9.90.

We like that the mushrooms are just lightly coated with batter! But I find it to be too oily for me,I think because mushroom absorbs oil easily.

For the mixed fries, I love the Taro fries best!! It's has some sugar coated on it and was so good! Mr Tan doesn't like that layer of sugar though. :P

The main courses that we ordered. 

Cheesy lobster sandwich, $22.90.
Cheese, lobster chucks, mentai mayo, tobiko and lots of fries!

Was just ok~ For the price, you just can't expect fantastic lobster!

Yuan yang risotto, $28.90.
I love the concept of this! You get to pick 2 out of the 4 choices of risotto on the menu in a plate! Good for someone like me who loves to try many different things at one!😁

You can choose from truffle mushroom, pumpkin, spinach and squid ink by the way! :)

I chose the pumpkin and truffle mushroom flavours. 

Honestly, not the best risotto I have had. It's nice, but not in the risotto way. 

What is Froth best known for?

The taro waffles of course. ^^

I paired mine with sea salt caramel and earl grey ice cream as recommended by the staff at Froth.

Waffles has no taro taste I feel. 
It's not the normal waffles texture as well. This is more of a dense and chewy one! A bit like mochi? I quite like the texture though. I think it goes well with the ice cream!

Oh wells, we could do with an ootd to end the food overloaded post eh? Hehe.. 

Ok, so of the 3 that I've recommended, obviously my favourite Froth cafe! Love to go back for more yam waffles and yam cheesecake! ^^

200 Middle Road B1-02, Big Hotel 
Singapore 188980
Tel: 6336 1228
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Closed Mon)
Stay tune for the next part of food in Bugis! ^^


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