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Recipe: Matcha Azuki Tiramisu (eggless version) // Lao Ban Niang Zhu Chao (老板娘煮炒) @ Serangoon Ave 4

The other day I blogged about my bro's birthday cake, classic carrot cake. Today I'm writing about Mr Tan's birthday cake, Matcha Azuki Tiramisu! 

Yes, the 2 boys' birthdays are just a day apart! Quite a challenge for me to fit baking into my working schedule I must say. But all was good! Glad that I managed to bake them their birthday cakes. Heh. ^^ 

Anyway, can anyone tell that the choice of cakes were based on my liking instead of the birthday boys' likings? 


Sponge fingers 3 egg yolks + 30g fine sugar
                                                                         3 egg whites + 30g fine sugar + pinch of cream of tartar
                                                                         90g plain flour, sifted

Matcha Tiramisu - 250g Mascarpone cheese
                   40g sugar
                            200g whipping cream 
                         1/2tsp gelatine powder
                1tbsp water
                   cooked azuki

To assemble - Cold matcha latte 
                     Sponge fingers
                    Tiramisu filling 
                   Cooked azuki
                     Matcha powder to decorate.

Sponge fingers 
1) Whisk egg yolks, sugar and salt till thick and creamy.
2) In another bowl, whisk egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar till stiff peak.
3) Fold the egg yolk mixtures and meringue together.
4) Fold in the sifted flour and mix well to combine.
5) Pour batter into piping bag (fitted with 1 cm round nozzle).  Pipe strips of batter onto baking paper.
6) Bake in preheated oven of 180C for about 15 minutes or more till golden.

Matcha Tiramisu
1. Sprinkle gelatine powder over the water. Let the gelatin dissolve to form a clear liquid. 

2. With an electric hand mixer, beat mascarpone cheese with sugar.

3. With the same mixer, beat whipping cream in a mixing bowl until stiff peaks form.

4. Fold mascarpone cheese into whipped cream, then fold in the gelatine mixture. Fold till smooth.

To Assemble
1) Dip sponge fingers into matcha latte and place them onto a 6'' round pan (can use square pan too) with removable bottom.
2) Spoon some cooked azuki over sponge fingers then pour 1/2 of the tiramisu filling into the pan. .
3) Repeat by dipping sponge finger into matcha latte and place them over the tiramisu filling. 
4) Spoon cooked azuki followed by the remaining 1/2 tiramisu filling over. Smoothed the surface  before placing it in fridge for at least 3 hours to set the cake.
5) Remove cake from the mould once it has settled, dust the top with matcha powder and decorate the cake as desired. Serve chill.

I would say it is a really simple recipe? Just tedious. :D 

So please plan ahead before making! I suggest you make the sponge fingers a day ahead of the tiramisu filling! :)

Used the leftover filling and sponge fingers to make some matcha tiramisu cups for myself. :D 

In my opinion, it was really good? <3

I don't take the full credit for that. Haha! I would say how good your matcha tiramisu will really depends on the quality of matcha powder that you use! I was very fortunate to be given some really good matcha powders imported from Kyoto! And boy! I think I can never achieve this good flavour with any matcha powder from local. :') 

Also, I cannot emphasize enough that tiramisu has to be baked with Mascarpone cheese! I do know some recipes replace it with cream cheese? That's a no no! 

Oh, and I highly recommend that you add some cooked azuki in the cake as well! Remember matcha has a little bitterness? The sweetness from azuki will make the flavour more all rounded (is there such a description even? Hahaha!).

I have previously baked a classic tiramisu and comparing that to this version, I really prefer matcha one more! :D 

Call me bias, but matcha and azuki's combination is so godly! :PpP 

Also, this tiramisu filling is eggless and non-alcoholic compared to the other version that I've baked. I find that being eggless and non-alcoholic, the taste of the tiramisu is lighter and you don't feel so jelak! ^^

We easily finished a piece of cake each even after a very filling dinner! ^^ 

Really happy that Mr Tan and his family love the cake. :') 


For dinner we decided to try  老板娘煮炒, just directly across Serangoon stadium! Apparently it has made a name for themselves for their yam ring and curry fish head.

Homemade tofu with assorted vege and mushroom.
Their tofu is homemade, and if you've tried homemade tofu before, it's really damn good! Much more silken and soft!

Luo Han Zai.
Was so disappointed when it was served. I guess from the look, it doesn't even look appealing. :/ 
I think my helper can cook better please!

Bittergourd soup.
Another very homestyle type of soup. But too homely that it didn't leave a deep impression. Haha!

Sweet & Sour Mongolia Pork.

Was contemplating between this or Prawn Paste Chicken. But I guess we should have ordered the prawn paste chicken! #wrongchoice

Don't get me wrong, it was good. Just that not one that will make me want more. I heard their prawn paste chicken is really good! I saw quite a number of tables ordering it to go with tiger beers! Haha! Perhaps can try that the next time. :)

Assam Fish Head.

It was a rainy night and assam fish head seem to be the best choice! 

The fish was really fresh and I love the assam gravy! It was a good balance of spiciness and tanginess! :) 

So guess who ate 3 bowls of rice? 

No, not me! Hahahaha! 

The birthday boy did! 

Yam Ring. 

This is a must order in Mr Tan's family! Because his dad is a huge fan of yam ring. So far, I would say 老板娘煮炒 does have one of the best yam ring we have tried so far! The yam ring was surprisingly non-greasy and so nicely browned! It was crispy on the outside but the filling was very soft! 

And look at those stuffings! One of the most generous stuffing  for yam rings. This is definitely worth coming back for!  

We spent $100 odd for a total of 7 dishes, which was really reasonable. I guess you really have to order the right dishes to enjoy the full experience at 老板娘煮炒! :) 

ps: serving speed was really slow though, so be prepared to wait a little! :)

Lao Ban Niang Zhu Chao (老板娘煮炒)
Blk 214 Serangoon Ave 4 #01-88 
Singapore 550214Tel: 9133 2083Opening hours: 11am to 2pm
                          5pm to 11pm 


This was only part 1 of Mr Tan's birthday celebration! Haha! There was a part 2 as well! Read more on my dayre because Lirong is lazy to repeat her old grandmother story. Hahahaha! :P 

Ok, you know I'm kidding. :PpP

But like I always say, follow my dayre or instagram for more instant updates! ^^


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