Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jubilee Weekend


This post came a bit late, but I'm very thankful to be living in Singapore. Even more so when I've travelled to other countries. Seriously, there's no other place I rather be than in Singapore. :') 
On a side note, I found this really adorable picture on Google! Truly I makan till shiok over the long jubilee weekend! :D

Hope over to my dayre to read more about my #SG50 long weekend! ^^

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh 

I think Song Fa is getting more commercialised compare to other BKT places? Definitely not complaining because it's easily to satisfy my craving now that I can easily locate an outlet nearby! ^^

I'm a big fan of peppery soup like this! :D 

The braised pig trotter is a must order! It was so tender! 

The braised small intestines as well! That's if you love innards like I do. :D 

We spent $52 in total for the table of food and I think the price is reasonable considering that it's located in a mall. 

The Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Ave #01-39/40/41
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm, 
                             Last order 9:15pm Daily
Contact: 6702 7688

The eat local food continues. Hahaha! 

Really love the tau sarh piah from Loong Fatt! It's unlike any tsp that I've tried. No wonder the long queue always! 

Of course my favourite kuehs (ang ku kueh, min jiang kueh and peng kueh)! :D 

Another eat local food. :D 

Roti prata, min jiang kueh, tau sar piah and homemade pandan chiffon! 

Old school breakfast style. ^^

Non-stop eating continues at Chomp Chomp Food Centre! The BBQ wings are a must for me! 

In the background - satay bee hoon and rojak!

Carrot cake. 

I love it black because sweeter! ^^

When at Chomp Chomp, it's a must to order Hokkien Mee too! I like the one from Ah Hock! 

Rojak vs Popiah.

Satay vs Oyster Omelette 

BBQ Stingray vs Kai Lan

Local desserts! 

Ice Kachang, Chendol and Cheng Tng!

Seriously a 'jiak local' kinda weekend eh? :P We also had Nasi Lemak and Lor Mee! 

This long weekend feels like CNY to me! 

Because we had way too many steamboats! *officially sick of steamboats*

But it was nice to sit down for a simple family gathering over food. ^^

We also had BBQ! Hahaha!

Besides eating non-stop. I baked too! ^^

Truffle Mint Chocolate Granola vs Peanut Butter Granola Bar. 

Click on my recipe link for the recipes! ^^

Made kimbap too! Recipe here. :)

Baked an oil-less pandan chiffon cake and made pandan and durian waffles too! ^^

That gorgeous looking Mao Shan Wang! <3 

My take of the classic humming bird cake to end the wonderful jubilee weekend. ^^

I hope your long weekend has been a wonderful one as well! :) 


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