Sunday, September 20, 2015

Too busy to update.

Is being too busy a good reason for not updating this space? :P

Anyway, I don't know who still reads my blog now? Haha! 

I'm kind of happy and contented with my Dayre community for now. :D So find me there if you're still stalking me! :P 

Nah~ just joking. Heh. 

Anyway, I'm be back to this space with more recipes when I have the time to spare. Meanwhile, some highlights of Daddy's 50th birthday celebration! Go to my dayre and read more if you have to. This will be a simplified one. ^^
What's birthday without a birthday cake? 

and what's birthday in the Sun's family without a cake baked by me? :D 

Not because I'm a fantastic baker, but I really like to bake something that is customised and designed specially for the special one. <3

For instance, this cake was specially planned and baked for Daddy Sun. Not strawberry shortcake for sure.

Something, black sesame.. 

Black sesame cake with healthy mixed nuts and dried fruits. 

Mixed nuts and dried fruits from :)

If I have the time I'll share the recipe too! ^^

Also prepared table of healthy food (somewhat?) 

A popiah party! :D 

Fusion popiah because we didn't use the traditional popiah skin! :D

Ok. This is all that I have for now. :D

Till then~