Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mummy's birthday celebration // Putien Restaurant // Homemade meals

It was mummy's birthday last Thursday and glad to I managed to clear my work in time to bring her out for a good lunch treat! :)

Mummy chose her all time favourite....

Chinese food.


So I suggested Putien and she was like 'Good good! Xin Hua Bee Hoon and Putien Lor Mee is nice!'

So cute. :') 

We went to the outlet at NEX and was surprised that there was a queue! I was thinking it's a weekday so should be quite quiet. Haha!

Xin Hua Mee Fen / Putien Heng Hwa Bee Hoon, $8.90 (s)

A must order when we are here! We super love the bee hoon here! Though fried, it's not dry nor oily at all. 

Mummy and I were discussing how to remake this at home! Hahaha! Maybe one time we'll give this a try. :D 

Putien Lor Mee, $9.50 (s).

Another must order too! 

Yeah, this is nothing like the dark, singapore style lor mee that we know. This is more soupy than starchy. 

Can't really see from this photo, but it was packed with lots of ingredients like scallops, clams, prawns and pork belly! 

Mazu Mee Sua, $8.90 (s).

Because mummy's birthday so we ordered this to signify longevity! :)

Stir fried yam, $12.90 (s).

Another one of our must order! 

Think crispy fried yam tossed in a sweet sauce. SO GOOD!!!! 

But that's of course, you have to be a yam lover to appreciate this humble dish. :) 

Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee, $16.90 (s).

Because I love sweet & sour anything, so does mummy. Heh. :D 

Glad that mummy enjoyed the food. :') 

Promised to bring her to Dian Xiao Er / The Soup Restaurant the next time. :')

Anyway, beside the food here, I like the service here at Putien too! Polite, friendly and very alert service crews!:) 

23 Serangoon Central, 
Singapore 556083 
Tel: +65 6634 7833
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri
                                  Lunch: 11.30am-3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)                                  Dinner: 5.30pm-10pm (Last Order: 9.30pm)                             Sat, Sun & PH                                Lunch: 11.30am-4.30pm (Last Order: 4pm)                                 Dinner: 5.30pm-10pm (Last Order: 9.30pm)


That was lunch. 

For dinner, I managed to make something for mummy too! 

Looks like a lot of things to prepare, but if you look carefully, quite manageable to prepare! :)

Not your popiah wrap. This is a yam wrap! 

Yes, yam for my yam lover, mummy. :D

Super love the flavour! No more popiah filling the next time! It will be yam!! <3 

Check out the recipe here. :)

We surely love our wraps and kueh pie tee a lot. :P 

Marinated some winglets with honey and Japanese soy sauce before heading out for lunch and when I'm back, it's ready to be roasted! ^^

This is call planning ahead. :D 

In the background is some wedges and seaweed chicken that I've bought! Just throw them into the air-fryer and it will do the 'cooking' for me! :D 

My signature roasted pork belly. Haha! 

Signature because my family loves this whenever I make it! Sometime I make it like sio bak and sometime it looks like char siew. Heh. :P

Recipe over here. :)

Dinner was washed down with SunMoon's latest product - High Pressure Processing (HPP) fruit juices! 

A bit about HPP, it is a cold pasteurization technique which is a natural environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredient and helps retain the original flavour and nutrients in fruits! Go Google about it if you want to know more! :D

What is more important to me is that...

It has NO sugar added, NO preservatives and NO artificial flavourings and colourings.

 Healthier Choice and halal certified too!

It can be bought @ $2.95 per bottle on www.sunmoondirect.com and most 7-Eleven stores island-wide! :) 


The birthday cake I've baked for mummy! :)

A cake customised for my yam-loving mummy. <3

Orh nee cake that is. :D 

Will share the recipe soon! ^^


Ohana. <3

The next day, as usual I asked if she had a good rest, mummy said she didn't.

She said she didn't sleep well because she was too happy to sleep the entire night. 



Just Sunday, brother prepared a seafood fiesta for mummy! Haha! Because mummy loves seafood! 

Bro's signature - seafood platter! 

Head over to my dayre to read more on the preparation of the meal! ^^

I love chilli crab because of the mantou and gravy! :D 

My queen was very very happy and that's all that matter. :')

Thank you mummy for everyone you have done and is doing for the family. 





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