Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review: 12 new dishes @ Din Tai Fung Paragon

Last week, Mr Tan and I went for a media tasting @ Din Tai Fung's Paragon outlet. 

Do you know that this year is Din Tai Fung's 12th year in Singapore? 

To celebrate the 12 years of success, the household brand has introduced 12 new dishes, exclusively available at their flagship outlet in Paragon, Orchard. 
We started off the tasting with some of the new appetizers, 小菜 and some of the all-time favourites! 

My favourite appetizers at Din Tai Fung has always been the Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing 小菜 and the Fragrant Pork with Crushed Garlic 蒜泥白肉! 

Of the 12 new dishes, 4 of them are appetizers. 

1. Black Fungus with ginger strips & vinegar dressing, $5.50.
2. Refreshing bittergourd marinated with black bean sauce (vegetarian), $5.50.
3. Cucumber dressed with garlic & chilli oil, $5.30.
4. Chinese yam steeped in umeshu & cherry tomato dressing, $7.80.

One thing in common about all the 4 new appetizers is that they are all very refreshing and are all a healthy way to start a meal! 

I especially like the Chinese yam steeped in umeshu & cherry tomato dressing, it has a hint of sweet-sour tang which is so appetizing! 
*note that I really like sweet and sour stuff. :P*

Steamed assorted mushroom dumplings infused with truffle oil (vegetarian), 
$16.80 for 10 pcs / $11.30 for 6 pcs)

There are 4 varieties of mushroom in each dumpling and they are lightly stir fried before tossing in the finest Italian-imported truffle oil! 

And yes, the dumplings are wrapped according to Din Tai Fung's signature 18-folds. 

If you're looking for something for filling, go for the steamed assorted mushroom buns infused with truffle oil (vegetarian), $5.80 for 3 pcs / $2 per pcs.

Essentially the same filling just that the latter is wrapped in a pau, where the pau flour is directly imported from Taiwan! 

I'm a bigger fan of this bun to dumpling because I love bun. It is so fluffy yet QQ too! So addictive that I kept stuffing more into my mouth! :P 

If you're a big fan of mushroom and truffle oil. This is a must try!

More buns for the bun lovers! 

Steamed preserved vegetable with char siew buns, $5.80 for 3pcs / $2 per pc. 

I'm a big sucker for char siewwwww~ 

But this is not the usual red sauce char siew pau that we have. Din Tai Fung's version is something like 梅菜扣肉, except it has been sweetened to suit to our local taste bud. :) 

I love this version! Unlike 梅菜扣肉 which is usually very fatty and oily. This is juicy, but not oily at all! 

My favourite bun of the night - steamed custard buns,  $5.80 for 3 pcs, $2 for 1 pc.

Yes, Din Tai Fung finally comes up with their version of liu sha pau! Something that I've always been anticipating. :D 

My favourite pau skin with gorgeous flow of golden-yellow lava. I'm sold. 

Talk to me about calories and cholesterol another day, I had 4 pieces that night. :P 

FYI, which pieces were equally generous in the filling and the flows were UNCONTROLLABLE. 

Currently, my favourite liu sha pau in Singapore. 

Deep fried handmade tofu with water chestnut & mushroom (vegetarian), $8.60.

I had 4 pieces and it is enough said how much I love this new dish as well. <3 

Bite into a crispy skin to reveal an extremely soft and silky filling! Beside the ingredients that we listed above, I was told that the chef actually added some soy milk to achieve that soft texture. 

Yam lovers will be very happy to know that there are 2 new yam dishes on the menu as well! 

Yam Paste wrapped in crispy spring roll (vegetarian option available), $6.60.

Deep fried to golden perfection and when you bite into it, it reveals a warm and aromatic yam filling! Orh nee like texture! So in love with this! 

Ps: I also recommend the steamed yam paste dumplings which is available at all Din Tai Fung outlets. One of my must orders too! :) 

Finely mashed yam paste with pumpkin & ginkgo nuts, $5.30. 

The other yam dish that is available on the menu, and this is the reason that kept me excited all day! :D 

I love orh nee. 

If you're a big fan of this classic Teochew dessert, be sure to try Din Tai Fung's version as well! What I like best about their version is that they don't use coconut milk, instead they replaced it with fragrant pandan syrup. I prefer it this way because I always thought that the taste of coconut milk is too strong to go with orh nee. :)

Last but not least, double boiled snow pear & coral seaweed with red dates soup (vegetarian), $7.80.

This cooling dessert is perfect for Singapore's weather! Not to mention with the haze now. A good choice to end off a heavy meal. :) 

After the meal, Chef specifically came up to us and asked for our honest opinions. It was like one of the toughest question? Haha! 

We honestly love all the food that we served. Perhaps the only regret is that the 12 dishes will only be available at Paragon Orchard. :( 

Do you know that other than the yearly spicy chilli crab dumpling, there has always been a steamed crabmeat and pork dumpling on the menu?

I didn't know that despite being a frequent diner of Din Tai Fung. :P It has always been pork dumpling and more pork dumpling (sometimes chicken) for me! 

 In fact there are also other variations of the famous 18-folds dumpling! So read the menu carefully. Maybe try other type of xiao long bao the next time? ^^

Like I always say. I can't leave Din Tai Fung without trying their signature fried rice! I'm not a rice person, but I could totally have this to myself! 

Once again, congrats to Din Tai Fung for the 12 glorious years in Singapore! ^^

290 Orchard Road, B1-03, Paragon
Singapore 238859
Contact: 6836 8336
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm (weekdays)
10am to 10pm (weekends & PHs)


I have previously reviewed about Hvala Waffle Bar @ 313 Somerset. 

Recently, they came up with a new idea, deconstructed cake on the go! 

Hvala has always been known for bringing convenience to our favourite desserts like waffles and now cakes! We can just eat them on the go, while shopping! :) 

There are currently 2 flavours on the menu, red velvet and chocolate truffle

We tried the red velvet with 3 fruits topping + yuzu jelly + vanilla soft serve and speculoos cookie sauce!

We love the new version so much that we went back to get the chocolate truffle too! Haha!

Verdict: chocolate truffle was too rich for us. We prefer the red velvet one! :D Also I recommend you to opt the yuzu jelly instead of the cream cheese so that it's not too 'heavy' and jelak. :) 

It is really super rare to see Mr Tan really liking a dessert! Hahaha! 

Hvala Waffle Bar
313 @ Somerset #B3-50, 
Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm



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