Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Masizzim @ 313 Somerset

Previously I reviewed on Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, which has became a big hit now in the Korean Fried Chicken scene! Queues form really quickly outside both the 313 and bedok outlets during peak hours! I heard the waiting time can be as long as an hour? Wow.

With the huge success, the same folk behind Chir Chir now brings in another popular Korea food chain, Masizzim, to Singapore! 

Unlike the usual Korean food that we see, Masizzim brings you a whole new representation of Korean food culture! Yes, there is definitely more to Korean food than bibimbap and kimchi. :)


Masizzim distinguishes itself from other Korean eateries by specialising in Korean Stews!

3 types of stews to be exact and of which you get to choose your own stew spicy/non-spicy, add on of Korean noodles/ glass noodles and etc. 

Basically, your stew is very customisable! 

Pork Rib Stew, $16. Non-spicy version.

Starting with the mildest, so if you can't take spicy you can actually opt for this. :) 

We had the soy base one (or Korean pear base alternative), and it was really flavourful! Love the Korean udon added which has fully absorbed the yummy flavour of the stew! Not to mention that the gravy goes well nicely with a bowl of Korean rice. 

Beef Rib Stew, $18. Spicy Level 2. 

I had a hard time deciding whether I love the pork rib one more or this. In the end, the latter took my heart. The Australian beef short ribs were well marinated (overnight marination for optimum flavour) and then slow-cooked in Masizzim's secret proprietary sauce for at least 6 hours! Yes, expect a fall-off-the-bone kind of tender. 

In fact, to be fair, I would say all the stews that we tried, the meats were really tender. But I just have more love towards beef. Heh. :D 

Spicy Chicken Stew, $16. Spicy level 4. 

The highest level you can request. I thought it was ok? Haha! Mr Tan was sweating buckets towards the end though. :P 

For this and the beef stew we had the Korean glass noodles instead and I prefer this to the udon one! Love the QQ and chewy texture! :D 

Masizzim's Rice Balls, $8 per bowl.

Other than the flavourful stews, I would really recommend you to try their DIY rice balls to inject a little fun into the meal! ^^

Left: Crispy Anchovies
Right: Flakes of tuna with mayonnaise and fried kimchi

Both to be packed with seaweed crumbs, crushed chilli padi atop 3 mixed grains. 

I prefer the anchovies rice balls which is more flavourful in my opinion and has more bites. Mr Tan however prefers the wetter one, tuna mayonnaise. 

Surely we had much fun making food together! ^^

Highly recommended for couples! Hehe.. 

Also, not to miss their savoury Korean pancakes! 

My pick is the Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake, $13. A very innovative creation I would say. Almost like a Korean kimchi pizza? Haha! Nonetheless it was yummy! I mean how wrong can it get with cheese eh? 

Potato Pancake, $12.

Another innovative item on the menu! If you're a big potato fan, you should really try this! It's almost like a Korean version of rosti! 

Squid & Leeks Pancake, $14.

If you want a safer, classic Korean pancake, go for this. Love the generous amount of squids & leeks in it! Also, don't forget to dip your pancake into their homemade piquant dipping sauce!

So next time if you see Chir Chir having a too insaning long queue during meal time, turn to their neighbour, Masizzim, then! You might just fall in love with their Korean stews now! ^^

Thank you Masizzim for having us! ^^ 

Masizzim Singapore313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, 
#B3-02, Singapore 238895T: +65 6509 5808Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm, 
                        Fri & Sat 11am-11pm

Ending with a not so nicely posed #ootd. :P 

Can you tell that I was trying to match my #ootd to my bouquet of flowers? Heh. ^^

Catch me more on Dayre! :)



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