Sunday, March 13, 2016

Recipe: Granola + BoxGreen review

Ever since I had my first box of healthy snacks sent to me by the good people of BoxGreen, I'm hooked.

So is my entire family (and Mr Tan). Haha! 

When I had the time, I could be baking granola once a week because it finishes so fast! My family loves the granola that I've made and I'm glad to be feeding them some healthy snacks too. ^^

This is the first granola that I've baked. 

I call this the basic recipe to granola.

I love my granola with yogurt and fruits! 

That's how most people have their granola too right?

I've tried adding them into my bakes as well! :D

One of them is this black sesame cake that I've previously shared. :)

From the basic granola recipe, I started to explore more variation. This is a matcha granola with 'cheng tng' snacks from BoxGreen!

How special eh? 

Then I started making granola bar my way too! 

Why do I say my way?

Because I feel that the recipes shared online has too much sweets and syrup added. Heh. I feel that it defeat the purpose of eating healthy?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that their recipes are no good ya? Just personal preference. ;)

Black sesame granola bar here. 

I frequently bake black sesame flavours because it's the daddy's favourite! ^^

Sometimes, I go local with pandan..

Or even kaya! :D

You can find my granola bar recipe here. :)

Now I make granola balls!


Other flavours I've tried including coffee, chocolate, matcha, gula melaka, strawberry and so on. 

I try to make them in different flavours so as to make granola interesting for my family. You know no matter how much you love a certain food, one day you'll still get sick of it right? :D 

So different flavours and combinations of snacks from BoxGreen help! ^^

I've previously introduced about BoxGreen over here.

I know some of you may be lazy to refer back (like I do. :P), so I copy and paste here for you. Haha!

 It is a subscription snack box that aims to help people discover yummy, wholesome snacks without hassle! Every month you will receive 4 hearty, wholesome snacks of your choice, and the box will be delivered right to your doorstep! 

All you have to do:
1. hop over to the website
2. customise your BoxGreen from the over 20+ selections
3. checkout and anticipate your monthly healthy box! 

I like how BoxGreen has decided to pack the 4 different choices of snacks into smaller packets now. 

It's easier for me to carry around and even easier to snack on and finish it as well! I don't need to worry that my snack will go 'lao hong' if I don't finish the entire pack. ^^

Now you can quote 'lirong30' when checking out to receive 30% off your first box of healthy snack! ^^

What you waiting for?! :D



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