Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review: Honolulu Cafe @ The Centrepoint, Orchard

Yes,  the famous Honolulu Cafe from Hong Kong is here at The Centrepoint now!!! Thank god the space not as cramped and packed like the one in Hong Kong!

On a separate note, 2016 seem to be the year when more Food & Beverages from other countries are making their way onto our shore? 

Definitely not a bad news for consumers. :D 

Of course at Honolulu Cafe you must try their egg tarts! I first tried it in Hong Kong (read my Dayre for it!) and its like the best egg tarts! <3

Side track a bit, let me share with you my favourite egg tarts in Hong Kong!
1. Portuguese egg tarts from Lord Stow Bakery (In Macau though) 
2. Honolulu Cafe
3. Tai Cheong Bakery (they recently had a pop-up at Takashimaya, the queue was crazy too!)

$1.70 per piece, I think it's very reasonable! 

Do you know that which pastry shell is folded into 192 layers to achieve that flaky texture?  Besides the extra effort to achieve that flaky pastry shell,  I love how the egg custard is so wobbly and smooth!

If you're wondering how it compares to the one in Hong Kong itself. 
Yes, it tasted similar!

I heard the egg tarts sold out really early! So go early to prevent yourself from being disappointed. :)

My second favourite item - Honolulu pineapple bun, $2 each. 
Or polo bun, we call it.

When I was in Hong Kong, I didn't particularly enjoy the polo bun. Like I've tried different versions of it from different Cha Chan Teng, but I just didn't like. Now I know why I didn't like the buns there. 

Because the butter didn't melt! It was still a hard and cold slab! Haha! It was winter in Hong Kong then. So no wonder~

Of course no issue with the melting of butter in our hot and humid weather. Haha! In fact, it was so good! That melting butter on a soft and fluffy bun! 

Yes, sinfully good. 

Pork chop bun, $5.
Another recommended item because of that bun! Crispy crust with a soft and buttery taste with bite in. So yummy! 

Curry fishball, $3.
A street snack not to be missed when in Hong Kong! The curry is very different from our local curry. More sweet than spicy. 
Though I prefer meatball to fishball anytime, these were good! At least no stinky, overly fishy taste. 

Sweet & sour pork served with rice, $7.80. 

While I find the sauce to be too sour. not complaining because I love all things sour, but not Mr Tan. 
But both of us agreed that the pork was very tender!

Chicken wing with Swiss sauce, $4.
Good with a bowl of rice. But didn't exactly leave a deep impression in me. 

Stir fried flat rice noodles with beef, $7.
I still like our local version. This was lacking that wok hei taste. 

The menu is definitely more extensive than these few that we've tried during the media tasting. 

If you're looking for a bit of Hong Kong in Singapore, Honolulu Cafe is a good place to satisfy that! 

For now, I really wish that I could have more of their egg tarts and polo bun! Perhaps with a glass of their milk tea with red bean drink too! :D

Thank you, Honolulu Cafe for having us. ^^

The Centrepoint #01-33F/G, 
176 Orchard Road, 
Singapore 238843
Contact: +65 6734 6609
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm



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