Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hi there

I've been meaning to update this space, but every time when I finally switched on my computer.. I got distracted.


I blame the convenient of micro-blogging too. :P

Before I pick up the momentum to share some recipes and reviews again, here are some of the phoros I've taken from my Taiwan trip. Yes, I've just  came back from Taiwan! 

Featuring one of my favourite place in Taiwan.

Guess where is this place?

Answer on my Dayre! ^^

Till then~
We'll definitely meet again. :)



  1. Any way your themes are nice one. Good topic.Very attractive post.Try to include one creative sentence for your each photos.

  2. OMG , Taiwan is really a beautiful place. your photos are great and it is making me crave to start planing my trip to Taiwan very soon.