Thursday, April 5, 2018

PEM Confinement Herbal Package

A month flew past like this, it felt like yesterday when I brought my baby girl home. :')

Baby J arrived way too early, it was rather unexpected. Haha! So when I was in the hospital I was also very worried that PEM Confinement Nanny Agency wouldn't be able to assign a nanny for me. Furthermore, CNY was nearing! 

Luckily, they were able to find a nanny at the last minute for me. I'm very thankful for that! Will share a review of my confinement nanny soon, but first, let me share on the confinement herbal package that I had from PEM. :) 

Yes, you're right. You saw HockHua Tonic's logo over there. PEM has recently collaborated with HockHua for their confinement herbal package. 

The entire complete herbal package was delivered to my doorstep when my confinement nanny arrived. Making it very convenient for me as I don't have to go out and buy it on my own or pull my hair over what herbs to get for my confinement! 

This is how the week 3 herbal package is like. :) 

Chinese confinement is 28 days, so naturally there are 28 boxes of unique packed herbs for your tonic soup. 

Week 1's tonic soups focus on clearing blood clot of uterine and helps the mother to replenish energy. 

Week 2 focuses on increasing blood circulation and replenish energy.

Week 3 helps to nourish the blood and improve blood circulation. 

Week 4 helps to boost recovery, calm the mind and improve vision. 

I really love the taste of every single soup that my confinement nanny made using the herbal package, because I love herbal soup in general. ^^ 

Well. Except that confinement must have, Sheng Hua Soup, 生化汤, which aids in the expulsion of toxins, discharge of lochia and the revitalization of Qi and blood. The taste is rather weird, but please be good and drink it because it's good for the body! 

My confinement nanny usually make the herbal soup for me during lunch. So that hubby can drink another soup with me during dinner time. 

Yes, this is a typical lunch for me. xD

Always a huge bowl of herbal soup and I have no problem finishing them because they are so nice to drink! Haha! 

I like that each of the herbal soup pack comes with specific cooking instruction and additional ingredients that are suitable to be added into the soup for cooking. Like chicken, pork or fish. In case you are wondering, the instruction comes in both English and Chinese! ^^ 

Besides the confinement tonic soups, another must have during confinement is red dates tea. 

I didn't drink a single sip of plain water during my confinement other than soups and this red dates tea that my confinement nanny boiled every morning using Hockhu Codonopsis Astragalus Red Date Tea. 

Well, it is a belief that drinking plain water will cause abdominal swelling! While on the other hand, red dates are known to be rich in iron and vitamins. Hence, when mixed with the other herbs, it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, to nourish and produce blood and tranquilize the mind. ^^ 

How a typical breakfast is like. ^^

Initially the thought of drinking red dates tea only for 28 days killed me a little bit. But after taking the tea, I was surprised that it wasn't as bad as I thought? I had the notion that the tea would be super super sweet! But no, the sweetness was very subtle and well balanced with a bit of herbal taste in it. In fact, my confinement nanny has to cook extra portion of the tea every day because I drink too much! Haha! 

Now, the next question that you might have is, "did I bathe over the 28 days?"

Yes, I did. Every single day I washed my hair and showered my body too. 

How is it possible to not bathe in Singapore's hot and humid weather? 

I cannot. :O

Thanks to Ban Kah Chai Confinement herbal bath (mom series), I can bathe every single day! ^^

This is another tie up that PEM has with their partners.

Basically the herbal bath consists of natural herbs that are traditionally used in helping mothers to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. 

My confinement nanny will boil the herbal bath herbs first then pour into a tub and mixed with boiled water for me to bathe with. 

No, I don't feel like I smelled like herbs after bathing. Can't complain too much as long as I can bathe right? ^^

Overall, PEM Confinement Herbal Package has helped to ease me through my 28 days of confinement. I think since my confinement nanny is from PEM, it's logical that I get the complete herbal package from PEM as well. So that she will be familiar with it and if she has any doubt, she can always check back with her company. :) 


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