Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jaylene is 1!

My baobei turned 1! 

Wow. It's hard to believe how my tiny baby went from 2.7kg to 10kg now. :') 

We hosted a party to celebrate our milestone together with our family and friends. For guide on how to plan a baby's full month / birthday celebration, click here!

Thanks to PartyEverAfter, our dessert table was beautifully set up! It's the perfect spot for photo taking! 

Jaylene's 100th day celebration setup was from PartyEverAfter too! They are the greatest helpers for events! 

I love the dessert table that PartyEverAfter put up for us! 

How much my baby has grown. T.T

We were all saying that Jaylene is the roundest at 8 months old! 

This little girl is always clapping at the wrong timing. :D

Our desserts were from River Ash Bakery.

I adore this cake so much! 

The sweet treats weren't just pretty, they tasted yummy too! 

It's the first time when most of my desserts were wipe out! I didn't get to try most of the desserts in fact, only the birthday cake! Shows how much my guests love the desserts from River Ash Bakery! 

I didn't intend to let Jaylene taste the cake. But cheeky girl grabbed the cake when I wasn't looking and licked right over from her fingers! 

Our lunch was settled by Neo Garden Catering. Look at the gorgeous setup! My guests were really impressed by the beautiful thematic decoration! 

Always our trusted caterer from special occasions! For Jaylene's full month and 100th day celebration, we had our food catered by Neo Garden too! 

Be a Neo Bao Bao like Jaylene, you can quote “NBB15” to enjoy 15% off buffet catering for baby full month / 100 days celebration!

Additionally, after joining the Neo Bao Bao club, you get to enjoy 20% off subsequent buffets for your child’s birthday until your child turns 6! Quote “NGCBABY” for it!

Also, dont miss Neo Garden Catering's “March 1 for 1 Special”! Order a regular buffet and add-on side order of $50 (additional dish/items) and receive a FREE mini buffet (worth $200)! 

This is one attractive deal!

If you ask me what's good on the menu, it is definitely the curry chicken! It's one dish that we'll always have whenever we are having buffet catering from Neo Garden! 

To keep energetic kids well occupied, we rented a bouncy castle from Jumppy.

Wow. The kids went crazy in there! I have a few who didn't want to go home because they wanted to play in the bouncy castle! 

Jaylene had a good time crawling in the bouncy castle too!

Including trying to eat some of the colourful balls too. >.<

Last by not least, thank you Bespoke Photography for capturing all the precious memories for us from the party! :')

They are the who who took Jaylene's cake smash photoshoot too! I really like their professionalism so I engaged them again for the party! ^^

Dear Jaylene, 

this will be 2nd and last birthday party (first was full month party) that daddy and mummy will throw for you. You got to plan your 21st by yourself! :P


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