Thursday, September 5, 2019

Tian Wei Seafood Food Review - Seafood Restaurant in Singapore

Bought the family to Tagore Lane to give Tian Wei Seafood a try. It's one of the newest seafood restaurant in Singapore! They might be one of the best mala crab restaurant in Singapore too! Read on to find out!

Now, just take a moment to eye feast on what we had! Yum yum! 

I must say that location wise, it is not the most accessible. But it is indeed a hidden gem in this area!

With the name Tian Wei Seafood, of course I will have high expectations for their seafood and I wasn't disappointed. Unlike many seafood restaurants in Singapore, Tian Wei Seafood has a lot of live tanks, making sure that you get the freshest catch! 

The tanks are great to keep the little ones entertained too! Jaylene had a good mini "aquarium' visit at Tian Wei Seafood before the food was served.

Mala Crab.

Move aside, chilli crab, this tongue-numbing dish is probably the must order at Tian Wei Seafood! Comes in 3 levels of spiciness for you to choose from. 

Look at the huge claws of this Sri Lanka crab! Mala crab is best cooked using Sri Lanka crabs for that fat and juicy meat. Probably the best mala crab restaurant in Singapore!

Aside from this mala crab, another of the signature is white pepper shark fish soup which is packed with nutritional values! Unfortunately shark fish is not suitable for pregnant woman to consume, otherwise I love to load myself with some good collagen! 

A quick look at the menu. Certainly, the speciality here is seafood! 

Other than seafood, Tian Wei Seafood also offers over 100 odd tze char dishes for you to choose from!

The staples.

Being a big fan of hor fun and white bee hoon, I love to come back for them! No stomach space for more that day. 

Crab with prawns and  scallop congee.

I'll highly recommend this dish! It totally spells comfort for me to have a bowl of this pipping hot congee. To me, the magic here is the soup broth which contains the sweetness of the seafood! 

Steamed bamboo clams with vermicelli & garlic.

Was delighted to find bamboo clams on the menu because it is really rare to find it on tze char stall menu! I really love how plump and juicy the clams were! Though garlic was added, the dish is not spicy at all. Jaylene enjoyed it too!

Passionfruit fish fillet.

This dish resembles sweet & sour fish fillet, except it is less sweet. I was digging the sauce to go with my rice! So appetising!

Yangzhou fried rice.

A commonly found item on tze char menu. What I like about their version is that it is not overly greasy. You like what I mean when you have a plate of fried rice but you feel like you consumed more oil than anything?

Eat your greens! 

I was pleasantly surprised when Jaylene had about 4 pieces of lady's fingers. This is usually not her choice of vegetables. Say a lot about the dish from her liking!

Wanted to take some photos with Jaylene but she only has her eyes on the food. 

Can't wait to eat! Haha!

Seeing my baby enjoying her meal is one of the happiest moment for me a mother. <3

Thank you Tian Wei Seafood for the wonderful meal! This is certainly one of the best places to eat in Singapore! Seafood lovers especially! 

81 Tagore Lane, TAG A,

#01-10, Singapore 787502
Stall Opening Hours

Mon – Thu : 11AM – 10PM
Fri – Sun : 11AM – 11PM

Order Hotline Hours

Daily : 10AM – 8PM
+65 6727 5596




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